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Jan Dacri

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Memory is a universal topic and Jan's popular presentation is a hit with all types of groups and companies in every industry. Informative, high energy, entertaining, and practical. Even the most conservative audiences participate enthusiastically. Absentminded? Forgetful? Having Senior Moments? Are you worried? Losing your keys and possibly your mind? Jan’s presentation will help get you back to believing there’s a great brain between your own two ears. She inspires, encourages and leaves all participants smiling as they impress themselves with the power of their own minds. Memory lecture includes amazing demonstrations, entertaining memory retention exercises that strengthen brain cells. Learn ways to "use it so you don't lose it;" secrets to overcoming absentmindedness; techniques to improve concentration, sharpen recall of facts; and the sure-fire method for remembering names. A boost to self-confidence. Great for personal wellness and business applications.

Brain Sells
Popular topic, passionate presenter, perfect to motivate your sales team to engage their brains more fully in the selling process. Remembering product details and client names is often a challenge; Jan’s methods make is easy. Plus perfecting the “the pitch” is possible when you know how to use memory techniques in the process. Jan can customize her memory presentation for your company and cause your team to excel. A must-see program for any sales meeting and/or company event.

MindBody TuneUp
We can keep the vehicle that carries us down the road of life in tip-top condition if we know how! Participants learn the secrets of maintaining a healthy mind and body while living in today’s challenging times. A motivational presentation introducing Jan's insights into simple, fundamental Health Secrets; "The 7 Essential Habits of a Healthy Lifestyle" including: breathing techniques; naturally nutritious "fast food;" the 3 parts of a complete workout; stress buster/relaxation techniques; and the influence of our own self talk. Fast-paced; funny; great personal take-home value.

Exercise Session(s)
Morning and/or afternoon workout(s), popular at any meeting or convention; always well-attended as a spouse activity. Jan’s unique exercise program is a great way to start the day, or re-energize in the afternoon. Stretch, strengthen and tone your muscles; practice expansive breathing; relax your mind; re-charge the batteries of your vehicle. Learn MindBody TuneUp routines to include when you workout at home, practices you will use forever. See Jan give a demonstration of the Rebounder (mini-trampoline) for cardio fitness and conditioning. Try it yourself and take your heart, lungs and brain to a whole new level of health.


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Jan Dacri is a gifted author, teacher, and motivator. Her award-winning Healthy Workplace Program, including "MindBody TuneUp Trainings," is a growing trend in business. Especially popular during these stressful times, she can teach anyone to improve both memory and health with her entertaining techniques, insightful encouragement, and remarkable style. Her book, Memory Secrets, and companion DVD are being enjoyed as a Memory TuneUp Program for Seniors, by companies in every industry, and students of all ages.

Jan began her study and application of memory techniques while in high school and received her Master's Degree in Education from Tufts University in Boston. Since 1977 she has been a corporate motivational speaker; and now, three decades later, is one of the most in-demand keynote presenters with business clients such as 3M, Hilton, Wickes Lumber, Kronos, Reebok, and organizations like AARP, YPO, and IAAP.

Teaching personal wellness strategies for living and working in a stressful, changing world, Jan's popular lectures, half-day and one-day seminars are a hit in every industry. Never behind the podium, lively audience interaction is her signature style; even the most conservative participate enthusiastically. Standing ovations, rave reviews and repeat invitations are the norm when Jan is the presenter.

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