Jeff Gee

Jeff Gee

Author: SuperService: 7 Keys to Delivering Great Customer Service
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After listening to Jeff talk about collaboration, people will have a willingness to work together for good of the customer. They will create trust by learning a common ground from which to respect and build sustainable, lasting relationships.

Super Service
Puts responsibility for action, attitude and achievement into the hands of each individual so they are never at the mercy of customers, internal or external. After listening to Jeff, they will fire up to be their personal best from Monday to Friday.

Selling Skills
As Jeff sells over a million dollars in services every year, his consultative sales approach to understanding how customers needs and products/services fit the solution, results in an increase in sales for every business venture. Team Leading
Create excitement for people who want to be the first to take action, make the call or contact, follow through on what has been committed to, be the best no matter what, and accept responsibility.

Understanding People
This revealing keynote encourages people to communicate for understanding and teaches them how to influence customers (internal and external) by talking to them in a way that ensures they will be heard and take action.

Telephone Skills
Every telephone call is a sales opportunity, this keynote speech teaches how to share information, build relationships, and learn how to service the needs of customers in the most economical and profitable method possible.

Communication Skills
At the heart of every successful company is the ability to communicate. Jeff has monthly on-going contracts with large companies to consult with them on specific communication skills that not only make the workplace more productive—they actually enhance bottom line results.

Competitive Sales Strategies
As a sales person himself, Jeff often has to use the same Competitive Sales Strategies that he teaches. Handling competition effectively is a skill Jeff has honed over the past 30 years of his sales career.


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Jeff Gee is one of the most captivating and humorous speakers you will ever encounter, and you will encounter him! Boring seminars are not in his line-up. You’ll laugh with Jeff and learn remarkable things about yourself in the process. Jeff is the perfect facilitator for any number of program topics, including Personal Excellence, Leadership, Customer Service, and Team Building.

Jeff is the co-author of an awakening book published by McGraw-Hill, SuperService: 7 Keys to Delivering Great Customer Service, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It! Even When They Don’t Deserve It! FOX Television recently aired a special story featuring Jeff, which focused on the state of customer loyalty. Jeff tackles serious topics with humor and candor, teaching his audiences to look first at what they do to create change, rather than wait for the other guy to make a move.

Jeff brought his successful training company to the U.S. from England in 1983. His uplifting attitude empowers people to achieve lasting, continuous personal and professional success. His remarkable SuperService™ Curriculum has been revered as “Absolutely amazing,” and “One of the best” by such companies as Underwriters Laboratories, Computer Associates, and Pepsi.

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"I highly recommend Jeff Gee. He is engaging, interesting and entertaining. We asked Jeff to speak on Amazing Customer Service. He hit it out of the park."
--NexGen Building Supply