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You Can Always Sell More- Even In a Tougher Economy
There are only two choices in this new economy…sit around and wait for things to get better or go out and proactively start rebuilding and selling more. Aimed at the experienced sales pro, this special training has been developed to help you sell your way out of this tougher and more competitive market.

Five Questions to Measure Your Selling Skills and Success
The majority of experienced and otherwise successful sales professionals have never been through any type of formal sales training in their careers. Most sales reps taught themselves how to sell based on a “trial and error” philosophy of skill building. Are your sales reps as good as they could be?

The New Rules of Selling- Are You Good Enough to Get Better?
How have you, as an experienced salesperson, enhanced your selling skills over the last few years? Most salespeople have changed little and are still utilizing a 1980's style of selling. Just being good as a salesperson is no longer enough. The most critical issue today is "Are You Good Enough to Get Better?"

You Can Always Sell More- How to Improve Any Sales Force
"You Can Always Sell More" presents a comprehensive system to help you improve your leadership skills, retrain your salespeople, and lead your team to a position of market dominance. You'll learn how to implement a simple, yet effective improvement planning process that benefits even your most successful salespeople, because no matter how much you're selling, you can always sell more.

Seven Questions to Evaluate the Competitive Marketing Health of Your Business
You will receive a series of questions to go back and "quiz" your team to help you evaluate your current "Marketing Health." You will also learn to evaluate if your sales force, sales management team and E-Business strategies are truly blended into one cohesive and proactive voice.


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Jim Pancero has the most advanced, leading-edge "business-to-business" sales and sales management training available today. Everything he does is extensively researched and has one bottom line focus...to increase an organization's strategic competitive advantage and market uniqueness.

Jim's work focuses on sales organizations with high priced, large and/or competitively complex products and services. His information-intensive keynote speeches, training programs and in-depth consulting work detail his innovative selling processes and strategies for the new economy and global marketplace.

Even during a sixty-minute keynote, Jim provides the most experienced members of his audience with proven, immediately usable advanced ideas to increase their competitive advantage and enhance their selling processes. His combination of humor and real-world examples evolved from his experience researching and training in over 80 different industries.

Jim has been directly involved in "business-to-business" selling for over 40 years. Six of those years were spent successfully selling the largest computer systems for the Data Processing Division of the IBM Corporation. During Jim's prestigious IBM career he earned several awards including the coveted "Golden Circle" designation annually awarded to the top 5% of their international sales force.

In 1982, Jim founded his advanced sales training and consulting company. Since then, Jim has conducted over 3,000 presentations or consulting days for 600 companies providing a career average of five events per client. Over 90% of Jim's clients utilize his services more than once. 

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