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John Patrick Dolan

Negotiation Expert, Criminal Trial Lawyer
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The Negotiate Like the Pros™
Keynote Speaker John Patrick Dolan's "take-home-value" effectiveness is well known. You will be entertained as well as informed by John's unique style and fascinating anecdotes. His negotiating seminars live up to the phrase "never a dull moment." By the end of your time with him, you will be eager to try your new negotiation skills. You will learn the classic principles of negotiation. You will also gain "insider information" about the step-by-step techniques used by Master Negotiators - men and women earning millions in today's most successful law firms. This is your opportunity to refine the negotiation skills you are presently using by building on your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses. The information you will hear is critical to every professional today. This is your opportunity to learn the techniques of Master Negotiators.

Why Book John Patrick Dolan?

  • You will learn the classic principles of negotiation and also gain insider information about the step-by-step techniques used by master negotiators.

  • John is also a certified specialist in criminal law - the highest achievement awarded by the State Bar of California.

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    John Patrick Dolan, CSP, CPAE, Attorney at Law, is a recognized expert in the field of negotiation. He travels throughout the world presenting lively keynote speeches and in-depth training programs for business and legal professionals.

    Keynote Speaker John Patrick Dolan does not just teach negotiation. In his long, successful career as a trial lawyer he has mastered negotiation. In fact, through his firm LawTalk™, John trains other legal professionals how to excel in this crucial courtroom skill.

    As a California Criminal Trial Lawyer with over 35 years of courtroom experience, John Patrick Dolan has handled everything from traffic tickets to death penalty murder cases. John Patrick Dolan is a recognized Certified Specialist in Criminal Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization and a true courtroom veteran. He is AV (highest) Martindale-Hubbell rated.

    A communications veteran, John Patrick Dolan has been honored by the National Speakers Association (NSA) as a member of the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, established by the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE). As a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, John Patrick Dolan is a radio broadcaster and television legal news analyst, appearing frequently on Fox News Channel, MSNBC, Court TV, CNN International and KMIR 6.

    His other memberships include the State Bar of California, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Desert Bar Association, California Public Defenders Association, and National College for DUI Defense.

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