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Jon Kendall

Jon Kendall

Social Media & SEO Expert
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Below are online marketing workshops, not keynote presentations:

Online Marketing Done Right
This course will go over all the necessary tools that you need to know with regards to online marketing in 2014. Many of the things that businesses did just one or two years ago are not working anymore online and also could potentially be hurting you. We will be going over a vast amount of topics. From Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogging, Website structure, Google places, LinkedIn, Google ads, and Email marketing. We will spend around 10 or 15 minutes on each topic teaching you the does and don’ts to be successful in 2014. Google has made some drastic changes in the last 3 to 9 months and it is imperative that you adapt to what it’s asking of you to be successful online.

Understand Social Media, Just Don’t Invest a lot of Money & Time
This seminar focus on 4 Topic’s. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & LinkedIn. I will walk you through where you need to invest your time and where you are throwing your time and money away. It can vary some depending on your business. I will focus on how to get the greatest “ROI” return on investment with each topic. It very well could save you thousands of dollars. I will teach and show you from first hand experience.

Gloves come off, Online Marketing
This seminar is meant to allow the audience to be heavily involved. I will be going over the top 5 areas I recommend you invest your time with online marketing. While I am teaching I encourage those in attendance to interrupt me at anytime with questions. I've learned the best thing to do is answer questions that are on peoples mind while they're thinking about it.


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Jon is the Co­Founder of Osky Blue. Which is a national website development & SEO marketing company. He comes with deep knowledge of online marketing and sales. His 15 years of experience in business growth, sales and development. He has delivered over 300 seminars, classes and training sessions throughout the country on how to do online marketing effectively. He has a vast knowledge of multiple topics ranging from website development, search engine optimization, social media, Google ad's, Google+, online directories, and a plethora of others. He understands that the online world is ever­changing. Because of that he continuously studies and researches the Google algorithms to better understand them for himself and bring that knowledge to the businesses and his clients. Jon speaks to companies and trains them all across the country from small, big, and franchise companies. Because of his non­technical background he is able to speak in a language that all people are able to understand. He continues to receive great reviews from Google and multiple other sources. LinkedIn regularly has him ranked as one at the top searches for SEO and Google+ knowledge. One of his biggest beliefs is that "ROI" is more important than your ranking on the Internet. He understands the right way to make online marketing efforts profitable. He has a passion for helping people achieve their dreams of business ownership and success, and has found online marketing the best way of doing this. Jon resides in Dallas, TX. In his free time he loves golfing, watching college football and spending time with his wife, two kids and dog, Bernie.

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