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Strategic Business Futurist

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Joyce Gioia – Business Speaker

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This informational and inspirational program will help you learn about the implications of future trends, how people and organizations will be affected, and how you can take advantage of what’s coming. This motivational look into the future is tailored to the audience and may cover any combination of trend categories, including Economic, Demographic, Workforce/Workplace, Education, Societal, Technological, or others.

Top executives in the United States today don’t have a clue about the difficulty their human resources and recruiting professionals have filling skilled positions. Mission critical jobs remain unfilled for months and sometimes, years, while the search continues. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the year 2010, three short years from now, we will have a shortfall of over 8,000,000 skilled workers. This situation will make the late 90s seem like a practice session! This presentation not only includes detailed information about the magnitude of the problem, but also covers easy-to-implement solutions as well. Based on the bestselling business book, Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People.

Critical labor shortages and lack of trained workers are forcing employers to shift their organizations to a more “lean and meaningful” culture. Based on the popular article from The Futurist Magazine, this valuable seminar gives attendees dozens of practical ideas for retention that may be put into practice right away. Based on the popular business book, Lean & Meaningful: A New Culture for Corporate America.

High turnover. Increased competition. Employees are now in the driver’s seat. This high-content, practical program will teach you what employees are really looking for and how to be the employer that workers choose. Includes best practices from Employer of Choice® organizations. Based on the bestselling business book, How to Become an Employer of Choice.

Ready to gain your competitive edge? Throwing money at employees will not earn their loyalty; appreciating and engaging them will. More than simplistic lip service, participants will learn time-tested, no-cost and low-cost strategies to reduce turnover and build productivity. Based on the bestselling business book, Keeping Good People.

For the first time in history, we have four generations in our workplace simultaneously. The composition of our workforce drives corporate behavior and performance, so it really helps to understand who people are and why they do what they do. Audiences enjoy this highly educational, yet fun, presentation of the World War II generation, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Why, the Baby Boom Echo, and the Millennials. What a tossed salad! Thought-provoking insights from a futurist who specializes in workforce trends. Discover how generational influences will cause even more unprecedented challenges in the workplace.

“They simply don’t want to work!” That’s what some employers say of the new generations. In truth, they will work night and day–if you know what buttons to push! What’s really important to the Gen Xers and Millennials? It certainly isn’t what’s important to most Baby Boomers and World War II Generation folks! What turns on these young people is not rocket science, but it does require a different attitude and additional insights. Join us for this fascinating look into the psyches of these new generations. In this session, if you will open your mind, you will learn how to handle your Generation Xers and Millennials in a way that works for everybody. And you’ll be very surprised at how productive they can really be!

The aging workforce represents significant opportunities for leaders who understand the trends. In this fast-paced and fascinating session, you’ll . . .
Learn the four major reasons why the Baby Boomers are not retiring
Explore four strategies you can apply right away to retain your aging workers
Discover what leading edge companies are already doing to retain their valuable intellectual capital
Be inspired to implement these ideas immediately.
Are you ready to make your organization more profitable by learning what older workers are really looking for?

Traditional management practices don’t work anymore. Today’s work environments cry out for a new style, a new approach to getting things done. Building high-performance organizations is easier with today’s effective leadership techniques. Participants in these highly practical speeches, seminars, or workshops learn twelve elements of a process that enables people to work better as individuals and as members of teams to achieve bottom line results. Based on Roger Herman’s book, The Process of Excelling.

No one would dispute that women and men are socialized differently. But what is not widely known is that the skills, values, and attitudes that women are raised to have are ideal for leading tomorrow’s diverse workforce. Women build relationships more easily and are natural nurturers. But there’s a whole lot more to the story. This entertaining and informative presentation focuses on the myriad talents and abilities that women possess that will propel them into the O-zones of tomorrow’s corporations.

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