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Innovating Analytics: Gaining a Competitive Advantage in a Customer-Driven World
Based on his best-selling book, Innovating Analytics, Larry presents a combination of insightful metrics, case studies, and humorous story-telling that contains critical information for any executive who wants to improve business outcomes. In today’s ultra competitive environment the best way to differentiate yourself is the customer experience. He takes the concept of looking at customer experience through a modern metric and transforms the way highly successful businesses utilize new tools of innovation for accelerating growth.

Managing Forward: Analytics to Understand the Multi-Channel and Multi-Device Customer
Companies committed to providing superior customer experiences face a common problem of how to evaluate, benchmark, and improve performance across multiple channels with consistent, insightful, and actionable metrics that reflect the customers’ perspective. In this presentation, Larry reveals how the multi-channel and multi-device experiences impact the overall customer experience. In this new generation of big data and predictive analytics he shares how to focus your resources to improve the customer experience by using analytics that quantify satisfaction’s impact and predict customer behavior, not just report it.

Strategies for Startups to Become a 2nd Stage Company
Today there is a lot of support for entrepreneurs to start companies including economic development organizations, business incubators, business competitions, crowd-sourcing, early stage venture capital and angel investors. That support is helping us get more companies started. However, there is far less assistance in moving companies to that second stage, to be a successful and sustainable business. Larry reveals strategies to accelerate growth and achieve sustainable success. He shares stories of how you can benefit from the triumphs and tribulations of his entrepreneurial journey. Larry delivers a plan on how to synchronize a company’s efforts by utilizing the right metrics at the right time giving you the intelligence needed to make the best business decisions. This is an opportunity to learn something new, practical and immediately applicable to overcoming the many leadership challenges you face daily.


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Larry Freed is one of the most innovative thought leaders on customer experience analytics and a senior executive with a proven track record for building successful companies. He is currently the founder of 2nd Stage Partners where he is helping startups and second-stage companies accelerate rapid and capital-efficient revenue growth through a unique and proprietary framework that blends consulting and execution for maximum productivity and effectiveness.

He was the founder and CEO of ForeSee, the industry leader in Customer Experience Analytics. Larry led the company from inception to a successful exit. The company was founded in 2001 and sold at the end of 2013 returning over 22 times the capital that was invested in the business. Larry built the company from the ground up leading the company to be the established thought leader in Customer Experience Analytics and assembled a world-class executive leadership team. During Larry’s leadership ForeSee grew revenue every quarter since the company was founded. Larry has consulted with a variety of Fortune 500 Companies, small businesses and associations including Allstate, Microsoft, Sony, Citi Cards, Ford, Sears, Bass Pro Shops, Eddie Bauer, AARP,, Forbes, The Weather Channel and many more.

Larry is a top rated speaker and innovator on the way we look at the customer experience across all touch points and at the brand level. Dedicating an enormous amount of research to improving customer satisfaction analytics, Larry and ForeSee developed the Word of Mouth Index (WoMI) which he discusses in greater detail in his new book, Innovating Analytics, released in September 2013. For the past 10 years, corporations have been relying on a metric called the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to get inside the heads of their customers. While NPS measures only “likely to recommend,” WoMI measures both the likelihood to recommend and “likelihood to discourage (detractors),” giving executives a more precise and accurate measurement to better understand the customer experience and to make better business decisions as a result. In testing WoMI, ForeSee surveyed more than 2 million customers of more than 275 companies and found that NPS overstates the number of detractors a company has by an average of 270%!

Larry believes, “You can’t improve it unless you measure it correctly.” He has been quoted in numerous publications and media including CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, the Washington Post, Investor’s Business Daily, Internet Retailer, Multichannel Merchant, DM News, Computerworld, Federal Computer Week and Government Executive including many others. He released his first book in 2011, Managing Forward: How to Move from Measuring the Past to Managing the Future.

He is currently on the University of Michigan Technology Transfer National Advisory Board and previously held board and leadership positions with Ann Arbor IT Zone, ASC X12 (a national EDI standards group) and various other industry groups.

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“I’ve worked with Larry as a keynote presenter for a number of years; no one is more professional and engaging as a speaker. Our conference attendees anticipate his speaking sessions, as they provide a detailed accounting of the research helping them benchmark against their peers, and gather insight into their customer bases.”
--Worldwide Business Research

“Larry Freed’s presentation at ACCE 2013, “Measure Right, Manage Forward, Make A Difference” was extremely well-received. The subject matter was rich and compelling, his dynamic style and passion for the material resulted in a session that was engaging and extremely relevant to the audience.”
--International Customer Management Institute