Lisa Menna

Lisa Menna

Unforgettable Magic Shows Weaved With Business Themes
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  • Magic performances customized to fit your business themes


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Magician Lisa Menna can:

  • make the CEO vanish
  • cut the Marketing Director in half
  • turn the competitor into a chicken

    Lisa Menna turns ordinary corporate productions into unforgettable--and transformative--events. Menna's performances magically open up group communications, build team spirit, promote new ideas and products, and create unforgettable experiences.

    Instead of trotting out the usual--the tired slide show, the ordinary rewards dinner, the complimentary mouse pads, and the gold watch--why not have renowned Magician Lisa Menna give your audience something they'll write home about?

    By weaving in business themes, magic can:
  • get your message across.
  • energize your audience.
  • illustrate complex points (your group will wake up when the expert opens a book and flames leap out).
  • introduce a new product at meetings (your audience won't forget they saw it floating across the room).
  • build team spirit (your employees will laugh together when their CEO appears bound up Houdini style--and escapes).

    Lisa Menna works magic at:
  • Banquets
  • Seminar & Training Sessions
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Events
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Tradeshows

    Lisa Menna's performance highlights:
  • performed live in Las Vegas, New York, Caracas, Madrid, London, Bombay, Istanbul, Tokyo, Stockholm, and Helsinki
  • featured on CNN, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight
  • the first woman to be asked to lecture at the Magician's Olympics
  • performed to audiences worldwide--in Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, French and Turkish
  • performed with Bill Cosby, Muhammed Ali, Roy Orbison
  • created live product promotions at major tradeshows Comdex, National Homebuilders, NetWorld/Interop
  • performed to audiences ranging from 30 to 3,000
  • voted Best Corporate Magician by the International Conjurers Journal
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