Lynn Brewer

Lynn Brewer

Former Enron Executive, Whistleblower
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  • Capitalizing on the Value of Integrity
  • Confessions of an Enron Executive
  • Managing Risks for Corporate Integrity
  • Gray Matters: Right and Wrong Are Not Black & White


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The Economist calls her “the real Enron whistleblower.” Recognized by the Nobel Peace Centre for her courage and leadership, Lynn Brewer is the author of Confessions of an Enron Executive: A Whistleblower's Story, a riveting account of her career at Enron, her decision to blow the whistle, and her fateful meeting with Ken Lay—just two weeks before his untimely death.

In her nearly three years at Enron, she was responsible for risk management in energy operations, the e-commerce initiatives for Enron's water subsidiary, traded power in the California markets and oversaw competitive intelligence for Enron Broadband Services. During her tenure she witnessed numerous instances of illegal and corrupt dealings, including bank fraud, espionage, power price manipulation and the gross overstatements to the press, public and financial world. She is one of the last to speak with former CEO Kenneth Lay about the trial, his conviction, the possibility of life in prison, his misgivings about the appointment of Jeff Skilling to succeed him, and the depth and betrayal of his political connections. She is perhaps the only one who can shed light on Ken Lay’s knowledge of his heart condition that ultimately took his life.

Prior to joining the energy giant, Lynn worked in forensic accounting and spent eighteen years as a legal professional in private practice until she joined Ralston Purina where she worked in corporate development for the General Counsel and Chief Financial Officer. Since leaving Enron, Lynn has captivated audiences worldwide providing compelling details into Enron’s rise and fall, leaving audiences shocked when they realize how vulnerable they are to becoming the next Enron.

Today, she is the Founding Chairman and CEO of The Integrity Institute, Inc., a for-profit research company that predicts and indexes structural integrity of organizations. She holds a Certification in Business Ethics from Colorado State University. Lynn is also the co-author of Managing Risks for Corporate Integrity: How to Survive an Ethical Misconduct Disaster and author of SportsVision: Athletic Excellence through Visualization, which contains a foreword by Lou Holtz and Mike Ditka, and is based upon her fifteen years as a competitive and professional figure skater, as well as a coach. In 2003 Lynn was nominated for the “Women of Influence” Award. In 2004 she was named a “Paul Harris Fellow” by the International Rotary Foundation. In 2006 she was selected for inclusion in the twenty fifth Silver Anniversary Edition of Who’s Who of American Women for her contributions to society. And in 2007, the Nobel Peace Centre honored Lynn Brewer’s leadership as the subject of a documentary.

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"Lynn was an outstanding speaker, she engaged the audience with her openness and demeanor. Everyone was talking about how interesting her presentation was and how each person could relate to the choices that each of us has had to make in our work lives.We really were delighted to see so many of our faculty and their classes in attendance. Members of the community were also in attendance."
--Baton Rouge Community College

"Lynn is a great speaker. She goes all out and does whatever it takes to make the seminar a success."
--Select Seminars Inc.