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Leading Authority on Generational Marketing

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Maddy Dychtwald – Leading Authority on Generational Marketing
Maddy Dychtwald – Business Speaker

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Tens of millions of Boomers are entering their retirement years just as Americans are living longer than ever before. As a result, the timing, power, and purpose of maturity are being dramatically re-imagined. Learn how the exciting spectrum of new lifestyle choices across adulthood will affect every area of our lives.

This impactful new presentation unveils Age Wave’s highly acclaimed research and explores a wide range of potentially game-changing questions for business leaders across every industry:

  • How will the distribution of learning, work, and leisure be transformed by our longer lifespans?
  • How is retirement being re-defined and re-imagined?
  • What are the changing roles within families?
  • Will encore careers and giving back become the norm?
  • How can health be optimized, and will it be affordable?
  • What changes are needed to make our homes and communities “aging friendly”?
  • What are the ideal roles for 21st century “modern elders”?
  • What is the new measure of success?
  • Increasing longevity, declining fertility, and aging Baby Boomers are triggering an enormous age wave. This demographic tsunami has the potential to create tremendous marketplace and work/talent opportunities—and brings with it equally pressing social and financial challenges.

    This enlightening and entertaining presentation encapsulates key learnings from Age Wave’s highly acclaimed research and explores some of the most pressing questions faced by individuals, governments, and businesses today.

  • How will people use their newfound longevity?
  • How will a cyclic lifeplan replace the traditional linear model?
  • How will aging Boomers change established paradigms of work, leisure, learning, and retirement?
  • What’s the most effective way to market and sell to “middlescent” Boomers?
  • Why is managing a four-generation workforce the new diversity mandate?
  • What new social and political challenges are being created by this age wave?
  • The convergence of rising longevity, today’s uncertain economy, and widespread insufficient savings has reset the retirement clock. Highly acclaimed Age Wave research reveals that the new retirement could be a good thing—for individuals, the consumer marketplace, and financial-planning professionals.

    This presentation explores the most important questions in retirement planning today, illustrates groundbreaking research, and reveals how to safeguard a successful retirement while avoiding the “wildcards” that threaten to shatter dreams.

  • Why financial peace of mind has become far more important than wealth
  • The “family bank” phenomenon and how it could jeopardize retirement
  • How women’s rising financial power is transforming the field of retirement planning
  • How a new model of work can add fulfillment, stimulation, and financial security
  • How the demands of eldercare, sibling care, grandparenthood, singlehood, and “rehirement” will impact retirement planning
  • The rising financial power of women may be the most important demographic trend of the coming years. A critical mass of women—bolstered by education, unprecedented levels of workforce participation, and escalating income and wealth—are assuming increasingly influential roles in their family’s financial management.

    Drawing on insights from decades of Age Wave research, including a recent study on “Women and Financial Wellness” and Maddy Dychtwald’s landmark book Influence: How Women’s Soaring Economic Power Will Change Our World for the Better, this illuminating and engaging presentation gives straightforward and though-provoking answers to the questions that are transforming the financial services industry and the lives of women and families across the nation.

  • How will greater longevity catalyze women to plan more effectively for longer lives?
  • How do new family interdependencies impact women and their approach to money?
  • What are the core values and characteristics defining women investors?
  • What will the next generation of financially savvy young women look like?
  • How can financial service professionals most effectively communicate with and meet the needs of women?
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    “Thank you so very much for being with us. Your research and presentation was excellent and the advisors loved hearing from you.”

    — Advisor Group

    “Maddy was fantastic. Her personal, interactive, and multi-media presentation style was an excellent role model for all speakers in this edu-tainment age. Her presentation injected new, powerful and provocative marketing paradigms into our business and inspired us greatly in our innovation drive.”

    — Coca-Cola USA

    “Maddy gave more than a presentation. She offered an exceptional degree of intellect, passion and knowledge that was both empowering and contagious. Through various channels and methods, including PowerPoint, video clips, statistics, personal stories and genuine conversation, Maddy truly engaged our female leaders. It is clear that Maddy not only understands the political, business and socioeconomic factors that shape the world for women today, but she has a firm grasp of how those trends will evolve and impact our world in the future – and is ahead of the curve in recognizing them.”

    — Corporate Relations Allstate Insurance Company
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