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Health, Neuroscience, Adaptability, Performance, and Change Expert
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Headstrong Performance - How To Improve Your Mental Fitness with Health and Neuroscience
Today’s competitive economy is forcing our organizations to make leaner and smarter talent management decisions by requiring a more agile and adaptable workforce that can effectively respond to, and take advantage of, market demands. However, research is showing that executives are suffering from chronic exhaustion, leaving them susceptible to accelerated aging, burnout and even chronic disease. This keynote provides a number of powerful, health performance strategies that will enable today’s professionals to improve their mental fitness and remain on top of their game for years to come.

Headstrong Leadership – Stay Cool Under Pressure and Influence Effective Change
What do the latest insights into the link between health and the workings of the human mind have to offer to Leadership Development? Research in The Neuroscience of Leadership is teaching us that optimal leadership capacity is dependant on our ability to effectively regulate our own brains so we can raise our potential to positively influence other members of the organization. This session offers insights into our leadership brains and provides practical strategies how we can utilize that knowledge to stay cool under pressure, improve our focus and instil innovation.

Headstrong Culture - Improve Engagement By Raising Your Organization’s Operational Fitness
Employee engagement is not just a popular buzzword, but is a tangible climate of emotional attachment that greatly influences every organization’s operational fitness and success. However, what research in Neuroscience shows us is that engagement is not the brain’s default state, requiring a dedicated engagement strategy devised to continually invigorate brains. This keynote explores the science behind, the ever elusive, employee engagement and offers practical insights into how we can utilize health strategies to inspire engagement and create a culture of operational fitness in our work-force.

Why Book Marcel Daane?

  • Marcel is the author of the internationally acclaimed book: Headstrong Performance. He is considered one of the foremost authorities on integrating health and neuroscience to improve mental resilience, leadership capacity, employee engagement, and organizational performance.
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    Marcel Daane is one of the pioneers in integrating health and neuroscience to improve performance in executives. With over 20 years of coaching experience across business, sports, health and cognitive performance, his integrated approach has transformed the lives of thousands of executives and has subsequently helped improve the performance of numerous multi-national organizations from a wide variety of industries.

    He is the author of the internationally acclaimed book: “Headstrong Performance – Improve Your Mental Performance With Nutrition, Exercise, and Neuroscience.” Headstrong means determined, focused and committed and Marcel learned from the best about what that really means. His mother was exiled, but ultimately honored, by South Africa for her courageous stand against apartheid. Marcel’s own life-journey has taken him from military service in naval intelligence, to coaching Olympic and professional athletes, and ultimately into executive and leadership coaching.

    He is the founder, and CEO, of Headstrong Performance, a Singapore based boutique consulting company that enables leaders to improve organizational performance through employee health, and engagement. Previously, Marcel was the Vice President of Organizational Development and Training for the world’s largest gym franchise, Anytime Fitness, in Asia. There, he played an instrumental role in developing the franchise, building leadership teams in all countries, and designing a business education, and coaching, model for all franchisees and staff.

    Marcel holds a postgraduate degree in the Neuroscience of Leadership from Middlesex University and an Undergraduate Degree in Complementary Medicine from Charles Sturt University coupled with advanced certifications in fitness and performance coaching.

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