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Mark Mayfield

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The Glass Ain’t Half Empty, It’s Just Too Big
This is a humorous approach to a very serious subject and emphasizes that creativity is the key component in managing change. Learn change theory and creative exercises in this upbeat, fast paced program that will leave you laughing and leave you with change management skills.

Momma Told Me There’d Be Days Like This
Stressed out? Lethargic? Burned out? This program will help you solve those ills by learning five behaviors that will help balance your life and by learning techniques to deal with your biggest stressor…PEOPLE! This keynote is high on content AND hilarity.

Can I Have A Side Order Of Bad Service With That
This light and lively program will help you see the customer’s perspective and examines issues like credibility, reliability, and responsiveness. You’ll understand the myths of customer service and see how to move your customers beyond satisfaction to advocacy.

Adding humor (actually mirth) to your work and life can have profound economic benefits as well as just making it more fun. Learn the value of a good sense of humor and how to improve your in this outrageously funny, yet very practical program.

Funny Stuff
This is clean stand-up comedy that’s perfect for after dinner entertainment or as a change of page. Sit back and hold your sides as we take a zany, offbeat look at everyday life. A non-stop, rollicking ride of humor you’ll be quoting for a very long time.

Master of Ceremonies…Imposter
Mark can provide comedic professionalism as the emcee for your program OR he can pose as an official in some capacity. He has impersonated a Professor, IRS Examiner, Jeweler, Legislator, Salesperson, and Runway Model as he fumbled and bumbled through company doublespeak. After the spoof is revealed, he transitions into one of the above programs.

Why Book Mark Mayfield?

  • His unique background as a school teacher, corporate lobbyist, nightclub comedy performer, and owner of several businesses make him a funny speaker that delivers real-life, hands-on, practical wisdom.

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    A former corporate lobbyist and nightclub performer, Mark Mayfield is one of America's finest humorists.

    Content based yet comedy driven, it's pretty simple what he does... he talks about very serious stuff in a very funny way. If you want to learn about change, or teamwork, or stress, or customer service for example; why not have a great time doing it?

    Mark is the author of the popular book, "Mom's Rules", a comedic yet poignant look at those things Mom said to us as kids, and had been inducted into the "CPAE" Speaker Hall of Fame by the National Speakers Association.

    From comedy shows to seminars, his philosophy is simple... say it with humor and people will take the message home. A national convention planner recently called Mark "one of the very few, really funny, inspiring men in America today". Mark's mom also said that once after a small bribe.

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    "What can I say... You and your presentation are terrific. I've never seen so many people wiping their eyes and holding their sides at the same time. You are the best decision we have made for our convention."
    --Arizona Automobile Dealers Association

    "You did an hour show and had our people in stitches. They demanded an encore and your came back and had them crying with laughter for another 20 minutes... Unbelievable!"
    --National Fire Academy

    "Mark's humor was hilarious and his message was never lost in the comedy. I recommend him to anyone."
    --Emergency Nurses Association

    "your performance was superb. The comedic way you delivered the messages we asked for was brilliant. You made our event a hit!"
    --American Express