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Mark Scharenbroich

Author of Nice Bike and Leadership Expert
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“Nice Bike – Making Meaningful Connections.”
Mix thousands and thousands of black leather, bandana wearing, tattoo bearing Harley-Davidson riders with a 100th Anniversary and one beige rental car and the end result will be the perfect metaphor for connecting with others: “Nice Bike.”

Nice Bike acts as a powerful catalyst to help build stronger, more unified teams. The message inspires audience members to be more engaged and passionate about connecting with others. Join Emmy award-winning speaker, Mark Scharenbroich as he takes you for a fun ride on how to be effective at making meaningful connections in both your professional and personal life. His Nice Bike principle is supported by three strong actions: Acknowledge, honor and connect.

Mark has spent his career working in both industry and education discovering how some of the best organizations and team leaders build a culture that encourages people to perform at a higher level through greater engagement.

Part motivational speaker, part thought-provoker and pure comedic entertainer – Mark Scharenbroich will inspire, teach and engage you with Nice Bike.

Why Book Mark Scharenbroich?

  • “Nice Bike,” Mark Scharenbroich’s message of building strong workplace connections, resonates throughout the country, and has dramatically improved performance across numerous organizations. After a career spent in both education and industry, Scharenbroich discovered how the best organizations and leaders build a climate that encourages high performance at all employee levels.
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    Mark Scharenbroich’s core messages have always been about connecting – to support organizations and businesses in helping team members feel truly connected to their core values and their customers.

    Mark’s biggest “Ah-ha” moment came while traveling to an engagement. It was there that he stumbled upon the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company’s 100th year anniversary celebration. He kept overhearing people as they passed bikers and shared two simple words, “Nice Bike”.

    A connection was made. It gave Mark an unforgettable metaphor that inspired him to write his award-winning book, Nice Bike: Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life.

    More than a passing compliment, Nice Bike is a powerful, memorable metaphor that acts as a catalyst to help build stronger connections and more effective teams. The Nice Bike principle helps individuals to become more engaged and passionate about serving others.

    Mark’s Nice Bike messages teach his listeners to make connections. Engage your people, energize your business.

    Emmy award winner, National Speakers Association Hall of Fame recipient, Benjamin Franklin book award recipient, Silver Screen film award.

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