Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly

Inspiring People To Become The-Best-Version-Of-Themselves
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  • Off Balance: Getting beyond the Work-Life Balance Myth
  • Leading through Change: Understanding How to Manage a Transition
  • The Dream Manager: Building a Bigger Future for Your Company and Your People
  • Meaningful Messaging: Marketing Beyond the Noise
  • Talent Fanatic: Building a World-Class Team in a Mediocre Culture
  • Authenticity, Not Authority: The New Leadership Paradigm
  • Totally Engaged: Why Employee Engagement Matters
  • Personal Strategic Planning: What Separates High-Level Achievers
  • A Culture of Dreams: Empowerment versus Entitlement
  • Business Is Still about People: Understanding What Makes People Tick Today
  • Why Book Matthew Kelly?

  • He possesses a powerful ability to combine storytelling with a profound understanding of today's culture and shows you how to see the challenges in your everyday life in a new light.

  • He has dedicated his life to helping people and organizations become the best version of-themselves.

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    The right keynote presentation can make or break an event. For more than twenty years, Matthew Kelly has been knocking it out of the park for clients around the world. Now he has trained a handful of speakers to present his topics so that regardless of your budget, you can deliver world-class content and an unforgettable experience at your next event.

    If you ask people what they remember about a speech they heard at an event six months ago, you often get a lot of embarrassed guessing. Ask people what one of our speakers talked about one year after the event and they will speak to you about "aha" moments they had during the talk and how it has impacted their work since.

    Our philosophy: Speaking is more than just a speech.

    When you engage Matthew Kelly or one of the Floyd presenters to speak at your event, you get much more than just a speech. For starters, we do not believe in canned speeches. For this reason, we believe there are three essential stages to each successful speaking engagement: Discovery and Pre-work; the Speech; and Follow-Through.

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    "Matthew was awesome!... I saw Matthew twice in one month and have already recommended him to multiple contacts."
    --Bell-Carter Foods Inc.

    “Without question, Matthew Kelly is the best speaker that we have ever had address our company. I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard someone quote him since his visit.”
    --Avon Products

    “Matthew Kelly knows what it takes to inspire an audience and motivate teams. Since his presentation, people have been more energized than ever before. The way that he demonstrates the connection between personal and professional lives is genius and has ignited a real passion in our culture.”

    “You exceeded expectations! So many people commented on how your talk was an incredible gift. A great example of the type of comment I heard was the response I received from one man when I asked him if he liked your talk. He hesitated and said, I am not sure 'like' is the right description. He said it 'hit' him and he was 'moved'. I think this call to action is so much more powerful than being entertaining and engaging. The benefit is that your talk was the total package. Thanks again for your time and, more importantly, your impact."
    --Procter & Gamble

    “The most powerful ideas are always the simple ones.  And so often they come from unlikely sources.  Matthew Kelly’s The Dream Manager is a testament to both of these axioms.”
    --Author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team