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Who Moved My Dough
Humorous anecdotes about the spending habits of Americans, and the troubles some get themselves into, serve to illustrate why we need to save for special events like retirement, emergencies, and education. Saving money instills responsibility through discipline

Get What You Give
After explaining time as our most valuable commodity, Max explores volunteering and how it can affect people. Through warm-hearted stories of giving, he presents his theory that “the cosmos throws back, when you throw out to the cosmos.”

Give Yourself a Raise
This interactive workshop explores how money works. Participants come to understand their relationship with money, the convenience of money and how it is earned and spent.

How To Bank More Bucks
Max teaches disciplined spending as a means to bank more bucks. This hands-on program explains the features and benefits of Max’s patent-pending Financial Fuel Gauge,SM and allows participants to create their own gauge.

He Spent, She Spent
(Max Jaffe with Ginger Hilley, M.Ed)
This discussion on the psychology of money and its impact on our lives, tackles the delicate issue of “gender spending,” with humorous stories of impulse buying by both sexes.


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Max Jaffe, the founder and CEO of Spending Solutions, Inc., works with people who want to understand how to handle money in their everyday lives. A CPA, he is the author of My Money, Myself and conducts money workshops at conventions and corporate meetings.

His patent-pending Financial Fuel GaugeTM is a tool that connects time worked with consumption. This fun tool generates a customized, personal spending plan so people can easily handle their money and make it stretch to the max.

Max has worked with money all of his career: billions of dollars of money. He was an auditor with Price Waterhouse and a treasurer for a multi-billion dollar commercial real estate developer, MEPC American Properties. At MEPC, Max was responsible for both debt and investment management. He controlled a $1 billion commercial paper program, a $500 million investment portfolio, and oversaw day-to-day cash management for 30 different real estate properties.

Max has a strong volunteer record in the community. He has taught economics to high school seniors, coaches Special Olympians in their swimming program, and volunteers for the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Survivors Volunteer Network.

A spoiled rich kid from birth, Max learned the cold, hard facts about money woes in second grade when his father’s oil exploration business was sabotaged. On Max’s 8th birthday, his family shamefully moved out of their posh 8,000 square-foot North Dallas mansion into a small, three-bedroom apartment. That childhood experience instilled in Max a burning curiosity about money and how it works, and he resolved to keep more of what he earned over his lifetime. Today, he teaches others personal money management skills.

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