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Parkway Soul

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With fluid command of the essence of the music of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, including “classic soul” – 70’s funk – R & B – Smooth Jazz – Hip Hop – and Rock – the unique flavor of Parkway Soul has diverse appeal to a wide array of audiences in various venues. Each member, accomplished in his own right, has worked and toured with an extensive list of well-renown recording artists worldwide.

RIDING……….The Parkway Soul

  • At Exit 1 – the CEO, Leader and Founding member, Lenny Covington, on Drums & Vocals.

  • At Exit 2 – The soulful sound and hot vocal phrasings of Shawn Ashley – Vocalist.

  • At Exit 3 – Funk Master strumming tasty licks Guitarist - Vic Jones

  • At Exit 4 – The keyboard wizardry and vocal styling of Pianist - Daryl Robinson

  • At Exit 5 – The smoldering melodics of Trumpeter - Tom Russo

  • At Exit 6 – Blowing “soul-notes” on Alto-Saxophone - Al Lee

  • At Exit 7 – Robert Jennings with the “nitty-gritty” on Vocal's

  • At Exit 8 – Aaron King thumps a funky hot Bass and sings Vocals
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