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Patrick Leroux

Bilingual Expert on Motivation and Performance
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Igniting The Fire Within - From comfort to commitment
Strategies for Maximizing Your Potential and Optimizing Your Performance

Why is it that some people are more motivated and experience more success than others? How are they able to achieve exceptional results in all aspects of their life?

With the help of a fast-moving series of methodologies, ideas and techniques which each person can apply in every area of life and work, this session will allow you to discover the secrets of success and how to get motivated, and stay motivated for life. This particular session contains the keys to personal effectiveness, maximum achievement and unlimited success. In addition, this session addresses the best ideas for success that have ever been discovered. Through Patrick’s interactive, entertaining and practical approach, the participants will learn :

  • That they are 100% responsable for the results they produce in their lives;
  • That winners in the game of life chose to live with passion instead of waiting for their pension;
  • The importance of making continuing education a priority in their lives ;
  • That successful people have have goals, losers have excuses ;
  • A powerful tool to program their brain to abundance: the movie of your future life;
  • That you always attract into your life your dominant thoughts and emotions and that your FEARS are like mental wheelchairs;
  • The importance of our circle of influence and that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with;
  • That in order to succeed today, we need to be different and we need to go from a transactional mode to an memorable experience mode (with our clients and co-workers); and
  • That steping out of your comfort zone, being committed and taking action are the ultimate keys to success.

Growing your business, is YOUR business!
What business development strategies are used by the top 1% sales people? If you’re like most people, you use only two or three business development strategies—and generally the least efficient ones. Would you like to sell more, faster and more easily than ever? In this highly stimulating session, you will learn a series of practical, proven strategies that you will be able to adopt in order to make your sales explode and get ahead of your competitors who undercut you.

How to build trust and rapport instantly
What are the success secrets of the best communicators? How could you earn the trust of an individual in the first few seconds? How do you adapt your communication to the personality style of others? Are you a red, yellow, green or blue? The purpose of this funny and highly interactive session is to make you a better communicator and better persuade and influence people.

The 10 secrets of success in customer service
It takes thousands of dollars and months before you find a good customer… and it only takes a few minutes to loose one. Not only you want satisfied customers, more importantly you want loyal customers. What are you doing to create loyalty with your customers?


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Successful entrepreneur and best selling author of nine books on sales and personal and professional development. Patrick Leroux helps his client to achieve more RESULTS THROUGH ACTION. Patrick’s presentations are offer solid, simple and original ideas and are renowned to be dynamic, funny, moving, and captivating.

Patrick challenges people to re-evaluate their own limitations, real or imagined, to take responsibility for their own lives, and to stop making excuses as to why they are not living-up to their true capacity. Storyteller extraordinaire, Patrick shares his expertise with warmth and amazing simplicity. His incredible energy level, humour and enthusiasm will compel your audience to take action on their goals, instill confidences, and ultimately increase productivity in your organization.

As an entrepreneur, Patrick has started 10 successful businesses and has been selected 5 times as a finalist at the Quebec Provincial Arista-Sun Life contest in the Young Professional / Independent Worker category. Patrick is also the founding president of the Montreal chapter (1998) of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), a National board member of CAPS, and the author of nine books on the subject of sales, motivation and personal and professional development.

A bilingual speaker, his presentations are renowned to be dynamic, funny, moving, and captivating. In Canada and in the United States, Patrick has given more than 1500 presentations professionally to over 250 000 people. He speaks mostly at conferences and sales conventions, helping his participants step out of their comfort zone, realize their full inner potential, achieve the highest level of success in all aspects of their lives and most importantly get better RESULTS THROUGH ACTION.

Patrick has the magical ability to generate the desire and enthusiasm necessary to create measurable results that will last long after his presentation.

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