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Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson, PhD

Internationally Acclaimed Strategy Expert
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Planning In An Uncertain Economy
“Working Executable” Plan… that time is now! And if you have not already outlined a plan for how you intend to wrestle your way through this current economic firestorm, then this is where you need to start! Strategic Planning as we have known it up until now has become basically obsolete. You don’t have time for planning anything beyond what you can directly influence and coordinate. At least for now… only include what is absolutely necessary under today’s current circumstances. This is what helps make this a “Working Executable” Strategic Plan. This “is not” an exercise about visions, missions, core values, SWOT or Bold Audacious Goal-Setting… been there, done that, now it’s time to get real!

Strategic Repositioning v. Traditional Branding
What if there was a way to literally out-think, out-smart and completely out-maneuver your entire industry… this is the time to seize the opportunity that’s been presented as a result of today’s current economic climate. But make not mistake…this is a function of Competitive Strategic Repositioning. This goes far beyond the concept of Branding since the extensive list of well-branded companies and products find many of them a victim of our somewhat turbulent economy. As an example, Mrs. Fields Cookies, once heralded as a marketing phenomenon could not reposition quickly enough to survive. So, Strategic Due Diligence… don’t recreate the wheel. The value and importance of hi-tech internet comparative research and analysis enables you to do your homework and avoid costly errors as well as execute even quicker than ever before.

The Power of Execution
Your audience will see how to rapidly transform follow-up information and ideas into predictable results. Imagine a fast-paced, audience-interactive session that literally shows participants a streamlined method for identifying, compiling and organizing what they feel are the Top 100 greatest ideas gleaned from all of the talented speakers and experts of your entire conference. Even better yet, each attendee leaves with their own individualized Top-10 conference Follow-Up Action Plan. The best part yet… it’s highly organized 45-day post conference follow up process helps review “Progress-On-Plan” to clearly demonstrate the bottom-line value of transforming ideas into measurable results. Sounds like a tall order? After reviewing a sample of Pete’s preview video and audience handout material, you can see why this program is unprecedented for takeaway value.

Success By Design
RESULTS are Always the Name of the Game. Companies, businesses and experienced professionals have always been keenly alert and take full advantage of gaining greater leverage over their return on investments of not just money but people, technology, expertise and time. So it’s time to ask yourself…are you completely satisfied with the level of success your currently achieving? If so, by all means stick with it, but if not… perhaps it’s time to seriously rethink your entire strategy and plans… today! History has shown that what repeatedly separates the consistently successful top performers from their competitors can be crystallized into two key elements… focus and organization.


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Noted Strategic Planning & Execution Specialist, Dr. Peter Johnson has been helping companies rethink and re-engineer their business and marketing strategies for over three decades. His clients have ranged from corporate boardrooms and small family-owned businesses to Pentagon think-tanks, and just about everything in between. As a keynote speaker he has addressed more than 2,000 conferences worldwide with audiences from 15 to 5,000.

As a former engineer with IBM and G.E. (Jack Welch) back in the late 60s and early 70s, Pete identified the pressing need for a more modular, execution-focused strategic planning approach. In 1979 through his work with the American Management Association, he pioneered his unique “Working” Strategic Planning System which dramatically streamlined the execution process. Since launching his company 37+ years ago, Dr. Pete has personally facilitated over 500 2-Day Planning Retreats and Off-Sites in both the public and private sectors.

Through his unique combination of hands-on experience, natural instincts and practical methodology he’s been instrumental in helping companies transition from the academics of defining “The What” (Vision, Mission, Values, SWOT, BHAG) to the practicalities of accomplishing “The How”. His past client list reads like a Who’s Who of World Business. His track-record for producing measurable results is a matter of record.

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