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The Top Seven Rules that Define your Digital Strategy
Effective digital marketing requires consistently well thought-out and well executed strategies and tactics. Many decisions are involved in ensuring that you're investing wisely in your online presence, making the most of all opportunities, and maximizing your return on investment. This program discusses the most effective strategies and tactics for ensuring a winning website, social media and mobile presence.

Leadership Best Practices for Digital Success
With good planning and implementation, your digital presence should be both a revenue-generating and a cost-savings centre that positions you at the cutting edge of your industry. But instead of fitting conveniently into a “box” within one department, the web and social media impact your entire business. The hierarchical management structure of many organizations doesn’t just fail to leverage digital opportunities – it quite often sabotages them!

Creating Digital Connections – With Feeling!
Visitors to your digital presence make decisions on an emotional basis, even if they quickly rationalize those decisions. Yet many websites are dry, unappealing, and often frustrating. Social media communications simply promote "company-speak", and fail to engage their followers in authentic dialogue. So is it really possible to connect emotionally on a screen? How do we show that we recognize who our visitors are and what they need? How do we make them feel listened to, understood and appreciated? How do we motivate them to do business with us? How do we provide the next best thing to a real conversation with a real person? This program explores ways to personalize your visitors' experience, so that you can create and sustain lasting - and profitable - digital relationships.

Big Data for Any-Size Company
I’ve audited over 5,000 web presences since 1995, and over 95% of them were leaving money on the table – either through missed opportunities for sales and leads, or through time and energy expended to little or no avail. There are plenty of evaluation tools, both for your website, and increasingly, for social and mobile media. Yet many business owners are still not sure how to measure their digital success, or how to identify clear problems – and they’re leaking money and other resources every day. Find out what’s really going on with your digital marketing efforts – and how to leverage them effectively. This program will help you to ensure that you’re using the best tactics, allocating an appropriate mix of resources, making the most of all opportunities, and maximizing your return on investment.


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Philippa Gamse is the author of the critically-acclaimed book 42 Rules for a Web Presence That Wins (2nd ed.). She is a Professor of Digital & Social Media Marketing at Hult International Business School, and a Certified Management Consultant – an ISO-accredited designation recognized in over 60 countries.

A web strategy pioneer, Philippa has been working with Internet applications since 1991. Originally from the UK, she formed her US-based consulting and speaking practice in 1995. Philippa drills deep into the visitor experience, and creates actionable and specific recommendations for your web and social media presence. Clients report significant improvement in quality web traffic, visitor engagement, customer loyalty and qualified sales leads within 30 days of implementing her recommendations.

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