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Go for No!
Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There
In their signature keynote presentation, the authors of the best-selling book Go for No! create a powerful shift, reprogramming the way people deal with failure, rejection, and hearing the word “no.” The results are dramatic and life-changing.

Why Book Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz?

  • They create a powerful shift in the way people think; reprogramming the way they deal with failure, rejection, and hearing the word "no" by making it positive.

  • Fun, fast paced, and packed with valuable how-to ideas, their program will help audiences gain a new, empowering perspective to impact their performance.

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    Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz are the authors of the best-selling book, 'Go for No!' and share their message internationally on how to achieve extraordinary personal and professional success by hearing 'no' more often! Speaking on stage together, Richard and Andrea teach people in a wide variety of businesses and industries how to reprogram the way they think about the word NO, and to fail their way to success. They show specific ways to apply this approach on a daily basis, creating a mindset that encourages tenacity and persistence, even during tough times. Before launching their company 15 years ago, Richard learned to sell at the country’s largest fleet dealer from a true master; his Dad. Later after moving into Distribution Sales for Disney he discovered his true passion was training and developing others and would serve as Training Director for Hart, Schaffner & Marx and LensCrafters. Andrea originally wanted to work with George Lucas but after getting rejected (she was 8) she went on to build a career in sales and management meeting Richard at LensCrafters where they decided to launch... Courage Crafters Inc.

    Their articles have been published in hundreds of online and offline publications including several times in SUCCESS MAGAZINE. They've written 4 books but 'Go for No!' is the most popular closing in on 250,000 copies sold. It has been on #1 on Amazon's 'Sales & Selling' Best Seller list and remains in the top 20 after the last two years.

    Audiences are thrilled with this unique message and include organizations such as American Express, Mobile Mini, The Pampered Chef (US, Canada & UK), Pep Boys, Express Professionals, Harry & David, Coldwater Creek, Cookie Lee, Ameriplan, Lifetouch, Lightyear Wireless, and many more. Richard and Andrea are married (a “secret” they share with their audience so keep it quiet!) and live downtown Orlando with their Humane Society rescue cat, Courage.

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