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Richard Weylman

Richard Weylman

Elevating Business Performance
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"So Why Should I do Business with You"
Buyers only care about one thing - the over-arching value they perceive you offer. Based on his current international and CEO Reads bestseller, “The Power of Why; Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace," Richard delivers the four key strategies that will make potential buyers sit up, take notice and, most importantly, act on your offerings in today's dynamic marketplace. MEASURABLE OUTCOMES: Increased revenue & marketplace distinction.

"POWER SHIFT- Why Customers No Longer Respond To Selling OR Value Propositions”
Based on Richard’s latest bestselling book, "The Power of Why; Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace". This message keys off of a fundamental change of 21st century business: the shift in power from seller to the customer. It will change your attendee's thinking about how customers REALLY choose the business with which they want to engage and WHY they actually buy from them.

"How to Communicate REAL Value and Avoid the Race to The Bottom on Pricing”
In this powerful presentation Richard demonstrates how clients/customers and prospects now define value and how it can effectively be communicated to reduce fee & price pressures. With example after example Richard illustrates the new thinking required and actions to be taken to avoid joining the race to the bottom on pricing or fees.

“Moving Customers from Mere Satisfaction to Real Advocacy”
In the age of widespread commoditization and lack luster customer loyalty, Richard delivers a passionate and actionable message on how to effectively & efficiently reestablish and capture their loyalty. Ultimately this message will provide the strategies & tactics to move your satisfied customers who are loyalty neutral to a position of delighted advocacy for your firm.

“Building Deeper Connections & Profitable Relationships with Today’s Customer”
In a world of social media, connecting with customers has moved far beyond generic rapport building and presumed chemistry. With a real world look at the psychology that now drives customer behavior, Richard’s ongoing research & keen insight into the 21st century customer’s mindset will provide attendees with the knowledge & specific actions they need to deeply connect with customers in marketing, sales and service activities.

"Accelerate Your Growth in the Affluent Market"
The affluent now, more than ever, are seeking to do business with people they know and trust. It is not enough to just be technically competent. Success today requires fresh thinking, relevant marketing actions, and a step-by-step, tactical approach. To gain access requires both competency and chemistry. Each of the 14 sequential segments in this curriculum teaches step-by-step strategies and tactics to create new business growth and retention in ANY market.


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Richard Weylman is considered one of the leading authorities on marketing innovation and understanding the customer perspective. He delivers proven methodologies to create marketplace distinction, effectively communicate the value of offerings and elevate the customer experience. Christopher Forbes, vice chairman of Forbes Media refers to his work as “brilliant”.

Richard has worked in tough markets and with unique products – from his earliest days selling cookware to building an award-winning Rolls Royce dealership. He was also the initial head of Sales and Marketing for The Robb Report, an internationally known magazine, which now enjoys global distribution. Although he is longer affiliated with those firms, he currently is Chairman and Managing Partner of his own award-winning international consulting firm ( 5 locations worldwide) which works with companies in a wide variety of market sectors to elevate their business performance in today’s marketplace.

He is the author of three books, including his latest the CEO Reads best-seller The Power of Why; Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace, as well as the international best-seller Opening Closed Doors; Keys to Reaching Hard to Reach People. In addition, Richard’s extensive writings are often featured on WSJ online, FORBES, Fund fire, Gama News Journal to name a few.

Professionally, Richard is the recipient of the Direct Sales Partnership award as well as a recognized GAMA Gold Resource Partner for the difference he is making in these organizations’ member firms. Weylman has achieved the highest earned designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and has received the Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE). He has also been inducted into the Professional Speaker Hall of Fame, an award given to experts who speak, for their platform excellence.

Personally, Richard has been nominated for the Horatio Alger award for his philanthropy and desire to give back. An orphan at the age of six, he lived in 19 foster homes. His perseverance and success, despite a seemingly stacked deck, inspires people to make the right decisions to overcome their circumstances. As a recognized business expert, Richard has a gifted understanding of customer behavior and his innovative strategies help individuals elevate their business success.

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"I was at your presentation at Leap Live in Austin and thought it was great!"
-- Gane Financial

“Richard, I have heard nothing but great feedback, and the message fit exactly what we are tracking in our Practice Management training.”
--Morgan Stanley

"Richard got 'rave reviews' from the Las Vegas meeting. In the 'post mortem' review with the managers, his presentation was listed as one of the strongest values in the conference and rally. Home run!"

“His presentation was awesome. The consultant presentation got them to think about having a more focused business plan. The client presentation was also well received and many clients and prospective clients talked about how they plan to re-position their message! Thanks a million!”
--Investors Group

“Thank you for joining us this week at our Annual Meeting and helping us offer an energized closing message. Your presentation on realizing a greater return on investment at the PACK EXPO tradeshow was full of actionable insights that our members can use to prepare for Chicago next month. Thank you for helping us create a great event. It wouldn’t have been much of a success without your help.”
--The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies

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