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North America’s Leading Futurist

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Richard Worzel

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The future will catch everyone by surprise, but those who recover most quickly, and respond most constructively, will be the ones to capitalize on disruption. That’s why accepting that the future is now is important: by planning and preparing for it, you can turn potential disasters into competitive advantages. That’s what putting the future to work means.
Futurist Richard Worzel is a Chartered Financial Analyst and business visionary with a long history of working with the pharmaceutical industry, including sitting on the Board of Directors of a subsidiary of a multinational pharmaceutical company for six years.
In this presentation, Richard will work with [PharmaCo] to show how a futurist’s toolkit can help turn the future into a competitive advantage. Among the topics discussed are:
• What’s in the futures research toolkit, and what can such tools do for you?
• What are the threats to, and opportunities for, the pharmaceutical and health care industries, and how do you harness them to your advantage?
• In what ways will – and can – technology change the industry, and what should you be preparing for in the pharma space, especially in the uses of Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Algorithms, and 3D printing?
• How do you turn obstacles into competitive advantages? A lesson from what Richard told Disney Cruise Lines.
• What’s the best way to predict an unpredictable future?
Richard will leave you with pdf workbooks for a number of the futurist tools that you will be able to take back to the office, and put to immediate effect.

The entire field of investment, finance, insurance, wealth management, and virtually everything else involving money is being disrupted by technology – so what’s next for wealth management advisors? Futurist Richard Worzel is not only a Chartered Financial Advisor, but a business visionary with a long history of working with financial companies and individual representatives and advisors, and his view is that there are real threats on the horizon – as well as great opportunities.
Fintech and robo-advisors are changing the marketplace for advice and money management, as well as the perceptions and expectations of clients, especially high-net-worth clients. Yet, AIs are not good at hand-holding or providing emotionally appropriate advice, especially during times of great market stress. And while computers may be really good at some tasks, they aren’t great at all tasks, which is why the successful advisor of the future will make use of AI, but complement it with old-fashion understanding of a client’s needs as a whole person, and with insights about their specific situation. Moreover, there are futurist techniques that can help advisors prepare their clients for whatever is ahead, either a further boom, or another bust.
The forward-thinking advisor, then, will use AI, fintech, and new techniques in order to provide traditional advice, comfort, and success. After all, investing is a balance between eating well and sleeping well – something that computers don’t understand.

We know that technology is disruptive. But the realsurprises in the future of technology in retail will come from the interaction of technology with human beings.

Futurist Richard Worzel, a business visionary who applies futures thinking to real world situations. In this presentation, he outlines how the future of the retail industry will be transformed by technology, including:
o  The three keys to thinking about Artificial Intelligence, and why it is critical not to fall behind your competitors in using this difficult, but vastly powerful,tool.
o  How to harness the Internet of Things, especially in combination with AI, to manage inventory, reduce shrinkage, and optimize customer experience.
o  Why it’s critical to plan for customized customer experience – making each shopper a friend rather than a vehicle for another sale.
o  Why retailers need to be aware of, and prepared for, the First Global Cyberwar.
o  Why technology is helpful, but not enough – and where employees can become more valuable through technology rather than cost-centres to be eliminated.

Conferees will walk out of Richard’s presentation with a much clearer understanding of the landscape of tomorrow’s retail, and the part that technology will play in it. And they will have a clear place to start in preparing for a future that will be very different from the past.

Constraints, approached properly, actually serve as a springboard to creativity. Part of the problem with life in normal or affluent times is that it dulls the senses, making it more difficult to break out of the “same-old, same-old” mentality.

A crisis spurs adrenaline, and forces people to see and think about things from a fresh perspective. Artists have long known the constraints can spur creativity by creating the need to find ways around those constraints.

Futurist Richard Worzel, C.F.A., is a business visionary, and an innovation expert. In this virtual workshop, he helps participants to find new ways of approaching existing challenges, and to find new opportunities within the pandemic crisis pervading the health care systems of the world.

Among the techniques explored are:

• Using the crisis to define the box you need to think outside of;

• Finding new perspectives by stepping away from the urgent in order to identify the important;

• Finding the right questions, rather than merely pat answers; and

• Techniques for stimulating innovation, and ways to see your world and market with fresh eyes.

“This is a time of unique opportunity,” Richard says, “but also a time of ferocious competition between health care suppliers and researchers. The winners will be those who can not only discover new answers, but new questions others haven’t considered.”


“Thank you so much for your participation in our Physician Roundtable Meeting. Your commentary challenged the audience to consider both their individual and societal perspectives regarding change. I’m not sure that everyone fully enjoyed the intellectual challenges your discussion introduced, but their discomfort represents solid evidence as to the effectiveness of your presentation. PEOPLE WERE THINKING! The future will present grave challenges and fabulous opportunities. Those in attendance left the meeting with a sense of optimism that the latter will eclipse the former. I was impressed with the depth of the dialogue with the audience. The nature of their questions and comments was diverse. Your commentary clearly demonstrated a depth of knowledge and insight which enabled you to synthesize apparently disparate topics. Richard, it was a distinct pleasure to include you in our meeting. I look forward to the opportunity for us to work together in the future.”

— DaVita Inc.

“As a keynote speaker for our ‘Preparing for Tomorrow’ conference, Richard was a natural fit. His dynamic delivery and fact-based presentation made for an afternoon that was enlightening as well as engaging. Several of our delegates remarked on the valuable information they had gained through Richard’s insight. Richard’s keenness to tailor his presentation to our delegates’ needs was evident from the beginning of his involvement in our conference, and it was very much appreciated. Thank you, Richard, for your obvious dedication to your field and your excellent ability to communicate your insight and research on this important topic.”

— Compass Group
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