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Rob Bell

Trainer and Humorist
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Customer Service Excellence - Make ‘Em Say “WOW!” 
Rob focuses on Make 'em Say "WOW!" Customer Service to transform and elevate customer service throughout organizations. You, your co-workers, and employees will learn to do just that with Rob's valuable training. Keep customers happy and coming back for more!

Workplace Communication
Gain a real understanding of your co-workers, customers and everyone in-between with Rob’s easy approach to improved internal and external communication. Learn about the little things that make a big difference such as the importance of body language and effective listening skills.

Becoming a Positive Leader
Learn four characteristics of excellent leaders: 
how to develop and communicate a clear vision, effective goal setting, superior communication techniques, and the difference between management and leadership

Building High-Performance Teams
No business can function properly without positive teamwork. Explore Rob’s techniques to improve teamwork while learning to relate positively to teammates, clients and customers.

Using Humor
Rob’s entertaining presentations will teach your organization how to use humor and positive attitudes to diffuse difficult situations, improve workplace communication and overall performance.

Stress Reduction
Nothing can break down your team like stress. Rob’s stress reduction techniques will improve the attitudes, morale and work experience for your co-workers, employees and colleagues.

Dealing With Difficult People
Rob combines many of his communication techniques to teach your organization his helpful methods for dealing with difficult people. Mastering this approach to customer service can improve your company’s image, reduce employee stress and increase customer loyalty.

Why Book Rob Bell?

  • His presentations will inspire your organization to reach a new level of customer service, increase positive leadership and improve communication skills.

  • His style is fun, engaging and unforgettable, allowing participants to gain insight into numerous aspects of corporate communication while giving them the tools to bring it to action.

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    Rob Bell began teaching his customer service and communication techniques early in his tenure as Personnel Development and Education & Training Director for Dick’s Supermarkets, Inc. Drawing on 25+ years of experience in leadership roles, customer service, and training, Rob makes it simple, clear and FUN to improve customer service and gain leadership skills.

    Before becoming Dick’s Supermarkets’ go-to-guy for training, as a recovering CPA, Rob worked as the accounting manager for a large trucking company, an auditor, and an adjunct instructor at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville. Rob now tours the country teaching the principles that have helped hundreds of companies and organizations improve their communication strategies.

    Rob’s warmth and humor shine through in each presentation, allowing participants to gain insight into numerous aspects of corporate communication while giving them the tools to bring that insight into action.

    Now Rob brings his high power message to companies world-wide. Rob’s presentations are high-energy and feature real-life anecdotes that are as fun as they are meaningful. Participants leave Rob’s presentations “fired up” and supplied with the techniques they need to meet and exceed company goals and expectations.

    Rob’s wide array of presentations are fully customizable and are available in keynote, seminar, or workshop format.

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    "He was GREAT! Just perfect. We’ve been fielding calls all morning about what a wonderful event it was. Rob was a big part of that. He made us laugh. He made us think. He taught us. Yea!"
    --City of Cochice

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