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“How to ‘WOW’ Service Excellence”
Every team member has the opportunity to enhance your company’s reputation. When face to face with the customer, each person represents the whole organization. The key is to make sure each interaction earns a ringing endorsement.

With this presentation attendees will learn:

  • What your customers really want
  • Five levels of listening
  • Choosing positive words … our success comes in CANS, not cannot
  • The importance of body language – reading our customers’, and taking responsibility for our own
  • Five steps to turn service breakdowns into loyalty building opportunities

    “How to ‘WOW’ Inspiring Leadership”
    People join organizations, but leave managers. To realize remarkable service that results in long term business success, we must treat our team members as our very best customers. Learn how to be a ring master of even the most challenging circus!

    With this presentation attendees will learn:
  • The difference between management and leadership
  • Four characteristics of excellent leaders
  • The importance of developing and communicating your non-negotiable
  • Techniques to energize your team to use its discretionary effort to go the extra mile
  • How to involve everyone on your team to identify opportunities to add sparkle and polish to your customers’ experiences

    “How to Wow” Your Team Members: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
    Is your organization a good place to work or a GREAT PLACE TO WORK? Great places to work start with great teams. Great teams are made up of professionals who know that they are successful only by helping each other succeed. When we all do a little, we all get a lot. Light a fire under your team members, don’t burn ‘em at the stake.

    With this presentation attendees will learn:
  • Ways to catch each other doing something right
  • How to involve everyone on your team to add polish to your customer’s experience
  • All of us are smarter than one of us
  • Techniques to make your company a GREAT PLACE TO WORK and a GREAT PLACE TO DO BUSINESS
  • Why Book Rob Bell?

  • His presentations will inspire your organization to reach a new level of customer service, increase positive leadership and improve communication skills.

  • His style is fun, engaging and unforgettable, allowing participants to gain insight into numerous aspects of corporate communication while giving them the tools to bring it to action.

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    Rob Bell began teaching his customer service and communication techniques early in his tenure as the Personnel Development and Education & Training Director for Dick’s Supermarkets, Inc. Drawing on 25+ years of experience in leadership roles, customer service, and training, Rob makes it simple, clear and FUN to improve customer service and gain leadership skills.

    Before becoming Dick’s Supermarkets’ go-to-guy for training, as a recovering CPA, Rob worked as the accounting manager for a large trucking company, an auditor, and an adjunct instructor at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville. Rob now tours the country teaching the principles that have helped hundreds of companies and organizations improve their communication strategies.

    Rob has earned the prestigious designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), which has been awarded to less than 650 people in the world. He was the 2011 – 2012 president of the National Speakers Association – Wisconsin Chapter as well as the author of the book, “Beyond Paper or Plastic – 8 Items or Less to Remarkable Service.” Rob has also produced a customer service training DVD, “Service Excellence – Make ’em Say WOW!”

    Rob’s warmth and humor shine through in each presentation, allowing participants to gain insight into numerous aspects of corporate communication while giving them the tools to bring that insight into action.

    Now Rob brings his high power message to companies world-wide. Rob’s presentations are high-energy and feature real-life anecdotes that are as fun as they are meaningful. Participants leave Rob’s presentations “fired up” and supplied with the techniques they need to meet and exceed company goals and expectations.

    Rob’s presentations are fully customizable and are available in keynote, seminar, or workshop format.

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    "He was GREAT! Just perfect. We’ve been fielding calls all morning about what a wonderful event it was. Rob was a big part of that. He made us laugh. He made us think. He taught us. Yea!"
    --City of Cochice

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