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Ignite the Next Generation You: Six Cutting-edge Strategies to Coaching the Genius Leader Within!
Do you desire to be, or want to develop a team of high performing leaders? Is your organization trying to swing the pendulum from “change management” to “change leadership?” To achieve that objective you need a system designed to help you maximize individual, team, and organizational leadership potential, regardless of your position, pay, or power. Based on the principals from the award winning book, The Next Gen Leader: Cutting Edge Strategies to Make You the Leader You Were Born to Be, authored by thought leader Robert C. McMillan, in this program Robert provides actionable content, tools and steps to accelerate leadership growth, development and transformational change resulting in creating high performing leaders and teams. While today’s global economy is experiencing a significant cycle of outsourcing across industries, there is one thing that cannot be outsourced. And that is leadership! Leadership must be organically transformed. Robert will present actionable strategies to discard outworn traditions and replace them with solutions, and help you re-discover innate habits and behaviors to become the next-generation genius leader you were born to be! As a bonus, participate in a live interactive coaching session, facilitated by Robert, to ignite the next generation you.

Re-Discover Your Leadership Genius - Six Steps to Coach Average Performers into Extraordinary Leaders!
Simply put, Leadership is a behavioral choice, not a title or position. There are demands on human capital more than ever before. Do more with less. Accelerate results. Achieve the extraordinary. Become collaborative. Change, and then change some more. What would it do for your organization if the overall performance of average performers increased by double digits? What would it mean to the organization to increase the inflow of high potentials and high performers into your talent supply at an accelerated rate? What would the impact be if you were able to convert average performers into extraordinary leaders? Traditionally leaders in organizations were determined by position, title and grade. Robert shares in this presentation strategies to deploy a leadership ecosystem which allows every person regardless of position, pay or title to maximize their innate leadership gifts and talents to meet the ever increasing business demands head on; by playing a leadership role based on six leadership networks people operate.

There may be no “i” in team but you can sure find a big “I” in leadership. That is because leadership starts with each of us! Robert shares insights and strategies to create an environment of “Leadership Genius” throughout the fabric of the organization where everyone can become engaged and contribute to achieving extraordinary results regardless of position, pay, title or rank. As a bonus, participate in a live interactive coaching session, facilitated by Robert, to ignite the process to re-discovering your leadership genius.

Create the NextGen Health Care System with NextGen Leaders: Six Strategies to Reform Health Care and the Genius Leader in You!
While today’s health care economy is experiencing a significant cycle of reform across the health care continuum, there is one thing that cannot go overlooked, and that is meeting the market demands and creating the next generation health care system through transformational leadership! Do you desire to be, or want to develop a team of high performing health care leaders? Is your organization trying swing the pendulum from “health care change management” to “health care change leadership?” Robert will share with you a universal health care leadership system to create the: next generation of services, next generation leader in you, and pipeline of emerging and aspiring leaders for your staff, team and organization; resulting in the reduction of administrative and medical cost and increased performance and business outcomes.

Robert is a former chief executive of Blue Cross Blue Shield, the world’s largest $27 Billion risk based insurance plan, (the model for Health Care Reform – the Affordable Care Act/OBAMACARE) in which he personally oversaw the administration of the Federal Employee Health Insurance Benefit Program, serving both United States President’s (President Bush and President Obama) White House Staff, Members of Congress, and approximately 7 million global federal employees. Based on his two decades of research, observations and proprietary leadership principals, and from his award winning book, The Next Gen Leader: Cutting Edge Strategies to Make You the Leader You Were Born to Be, Robert provides actionable content and steps to accelerate leadership growth, development and transformational change resulting in creating high performing leaders and teams specifically within the health care industry.

Robert will show leaders, teams and organizations through his health care leadership and transformational system how to discard outdated health care leadership and operational traditions, and ignite an upgrade to a new leadership and service platform to improve critical outcomes (member engagement, medical costs, patient care, customer service, member value, and member/patient coaching), and create a culture where employees, teams, leaders, patients and insurance subscribers/members can become fully engaged and play a leadership role regardless of position, pay or power throughout the health care continuum (hospitals, insurers, caregivers, providers, carriers, employers and administers) by igniting the genius leader within.

Coaching for Maximum Potential - 10 Strategies to Maximize the Leadership Potential of Others through Coaching
Potential is the most underdeveloped resource in many organizations; however once you discover it the well of potential never goes dry because with potential maximized anything is possible! Potential can be the difference between increasing market share and losing strategic customers; achieving organizational goals and missing performance targets; becoming a high-performing organization and being on a team of insignificance.

Today’s global economy requires organizations, teams and professional to operate: in the challenging environment of accelerated change, overwhelming complexity, tremendous competition and new challenging competencies. This can only be done with the right measure of coaching for results.

The key to individual, team and organizational success is maximizing the potential of all employees by developing them to operate in their “Potential Zone” quadrant of success, rather than operating based on past performance. The true measure of success is not targets vs. performance, but rather targets vs. performance vs. potential. In this high-energy presentation Robert, through his innovative leadership system, provides 10 strategies and tools in the areas of Leadership Presence, Leadership Authenticity, Creating High Performing Teams and Effective Communication techniques that will maximize the leadership performance and potential of organizations, teams and individual contributors resulting in increased productivity, performance and profits. As a bonus, participate in a live interactive coaching session, facilitated by Robert, to learn how to coach others to maximize their leadership potential.

Building Transformational Organizations and Teams with NextGen Leaders!
The global market and playing field is constantly changing, with technological innovations, new service and product delivery models and increased consumer expectations, aspiring high-performance teams and organizations must adopt a flexible leadership system that extends its influence beyond traditional internal organizational boundaries to enabling change in the global competitive economy. As a result of industry change, day-to-day operational demands, and sustaining or exceeding individual, team and organizational goals has become more complex and challenging. Organizations must be able to accelerate change organically while seamlessly integrating new extended business operating models throughout the service delivery continuum which requires everyone to become transformational leaders.

Robert presents solutions required for a new generation of leaders, operating in an extended distributed system that creates the necessary agility to accelerate change and transformation beyond the organizational entity, extending its influence throughout the supply chain. The accelerated change in industries requires a transformational shift from the traditional “follow the leader operating model” to a new innovative “lead a leader operating system,” where every employee in the organization operates as a leader within a leadership ecosystem. Robert reveals his 6G Leadership System and associated behaviors, competencies and traits to become the next generation of transformational leaders. As a bonus, participate in a live interactive coaching session, facilitated by Robert, to release the innate habits, behaviors and traits to build transformational teams and leaders.

Mastering NextGen Attitudinal IntelligenceTM - 5 Secrets to Rebooting Leadership with Attitudinal Intelligence!
Attitudinal Intelligence TM (AI), whether positive or negative, has the power to impact the success of an organization, individual or team. AI is contagious, defines your organizations culture and impacts the bottom line. The topic is so timely in today’s competitive and changing marketplace that Robert has developed two hard- hitting sessions, which teach powerful techniques for maintaining positive emotional intelligence levels regardless of personal challenges and business circumstances. Internal politics, in-fighting and bad culture deplete energy, talent growth and momentum and takes the sail out of high potentials and high performers; however, with AI, Robert provides a complete system where you can reverse the tide and strategically address workforce challenges to achieve organizational, divisional and personal career goals which appear to be unattainable. As a bonus, participate in a live interactive coaching session, facilitated by Robert, to better manage the behaviors of Attitudinal Intelligence. TM

Are You a 6G Leader? Six Generations to Release the Genius Leader You Were Born to Be!
You’ve heard of a 5G phone,right? The“G” refers to “generation,” indicating that each new iteration (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, etc.) is superior to the last when it comes to improved functionality and leadership – each generation builds on its previous successes. The same can be said in leadership. What leadership network are you, your team and organization running on? Robert teaches and presents leadership solutions to help end the occurrences of dropped calls to action,dropped connections of engagement,and dropped commitments to success.During this session, Robert reveals the secrets and strategies for maximizing leadership potential. Discover the six leadership networks and traits-1G Genetic, 2G Generic, 3G Go-To, 4G Growth, 5G Gateway and 6G Genius-as well as the secrets to becoming a 6G leader. As a bonus, participate in a live interactive coaching session, facilitated by Robert, to release the innate habits, behaviors and traits to take your leadership to the next dimension.

Why Book Robert McMillan?

  • He is a Leadership and Business Transformationalist for aspiring, emerging and executive leaders, teams and organizations; helping them to rediscover their innate leadership genius, and transform their thinking resulting in improved performance, accelerated growth and business outcomes.

  • He works with leaders to help them shift their perspectives toward how they can convert their weak zones into strength zones and create high-performing teams by offering tools that foster and environment of engaged, empowerment and excellence.

  • He provides the complete enterprise methodology and system, tools and techniques to solve leadership and business problems, challenges and obstacles that require employee connection, engagement, collaboration and commitment.

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    At the forefront of The Next Gen Leader Institute, founded in 2008, is a person who believes in people, a Human Potentialist, driven by a goal to inspire 5% of the world’s population to ignite their genius leadership potential. Lending to his unique ability to connect with his audiences is his prior executive leadership experience as one of the former Chief Executives for Blue Cross Blue Shield, overseeing the administration of health care insurance for the $27 Billion Federal Employee Health Benefit Program, serving the United States Presidents, Members of Congress, White House Staff and over 7 million federal employees.

    As a Transformational Speaker, NextGen Expert and Leadership Potential Coach, Robert’s expertise is improving the leadership performance needle for the largest incumbent base found in most organizations, mid - high performers. This cohort represents 70% - 90% of the talent supply in most organizations. Robert moves the dial by helping professionals re-discover and ignite their inner genius leader within. Robert’s message and system is universal and transcends culture. He inspires multigenerational audiences, consisting of emerging, aspiring and executive leaders, to evolve into the “genius leader they were born to be.”

    With over two decades and 50,000 hours of leadership, consulting and coaching experience Robert is a guru when it comes to helping leaders evolve and transform. His clients describe him as a “nextgen leader catalyst,” who helps you reach the next level and become the next generation you. Robert has developed a proprietary universal leadership system, to help overcome some of the biggest challenges many leaders, teams and organizations face in the areas of change, transformation, and innovation.

    He is the author of several books, most recently the award winning book, “The Next Gen Leader: Cutting Edge Strategies to Make You the Leader You Were Born to Be,” published by Career Press, 2014. Robert is a highly sought after global transformational keynote speaker for associations, organizations and corporations.

    Robert is a life-time-learner. In 2006 he earned a professional speaker designation by the National Speakers Association. Recently he earned one of the highest industry distinctions as a *PCC Certified Leadership Coach by Georgetown University, accredited by the International Coaching Federation. He is mentored and trained by John C. Maxwell earning recognition as one of the Founding Members of the John C. Maxwell Team. He holds the following degrees: a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science Business in Information Technology from Johns Hopkins University; and a Bachelor of Science with dual majors in Corporate Finance and Marketing from Virginia State University.

    He lives in the Maryland/Washington DC Region and enjoys writing, telling stories, chasing a little white golf ball and traveling with his wife and their two teen millennial’s.

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    “Few organizations develop a universal leadership development system for aspiring, emerging and seasoned leaders, even though it is the largest area of criticality with major implications for many companies. Robert C. McMillan’s The Next Gen Leader provides a powerful system with practical strategies that will accelerate change. It is an invaluable tool for that critical time—such transformation.”

    “For years I have been looking for a blueprint to climb the leadership ladder of success—this book is more than a blueprint, it is the complete system and has helped me soar.”
    --Morgan Franklin Consulting

    “Robert, thank you for making me a better leader and transforming my way of thinking. I now know me better, and therefore I will be a more improved leader and a healthier person.”
    --AmeriHealth Caritas

    “Robert’s 6G Leadership System is a revelation that everyone has the potential to lead in the right environment. The Next Gen Leader provides systematic strategies and solutions to accelerating the growth and development of emerging and aspiring leaders, resulting in the creation of high performing teams and organizations. This should be required reading for every employee regardless of position, as an invitation to a seat at the leadership table.”
    --Rockwell Automation