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Ron Crossland

Ron Crossland

Leadership Expert, Entrepreneur, Author
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Recession Requirements for Leaders: Trust, Meaning, and Foresight
Leaders ordinarily fail when they lose trust, suffer a loss of meaning, or lose the way forward. In the current recession, all three dimensions are under attack. This keynote addresses why these three are important and how to help leaders get back on track.

The Leader’s Voice
Everyone knows communication is important. Everyone believes they communicate okay – but everyone believes they could improve as well. Most leaders stop learning about communication once they have successfully taken a platform skills course or a coaching class. This keynote will highlight the most up-to-date behavioral and neurological insights into why the best communicators constantly use facts, emotions, and symbolism to get their messages across. The findings are based upon original research by the author and his late co-author, Boyd Clarke.

Aspiring to the C-Suite:
Why Personal Credibility, An Inspiring Vision, and The Ability to Engage Isn’t Enough From frontline leadership responsibilities up to mid-level, personal credibility, reinforcing the organizational mission, and motivating the troops is enough competence to lead. Once an individual aspires to leadership roles beyond this level, however, a fundamental shift occurs – constituents now include senior managers, boards of directions, and shareholders. These added constituencies also expect senior leaders to stand for the entire organization, not just themselves. They require adaptive strategic abilities, not just the ability to align an organization. And they expect senior leaders to create a successful pool of internal candidates for their job – in essence provide for a perpetual stream of senior leaders. This keynote highlights why this is true and how to achieve the ends.

Transactional, Transformational, and Transcultural Leadership
Leadership has been actively studied for over 100 years. Current views of leadership rest upon research insights garnered over this century. This keynote highlights the transitions in leadership views, the keys of leadership that have withstood the test of time, and what leadership development programs should be teaching in this transcultural age.

Why Book Ron Crossland?

  • He helps managers overcome and avoid damaging leadership deficits by having them apply modern principles of communication so they can better say what they mean and do what they say.

  • Combining modern communication research, and video feedback of real time communication, participants develop greater skill at communicating.

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    Ron Crossland has worked with talent from the boiler room to the boardroom, a range of experience that has taught him that regardless of position, individuals’ work matters. He has helped individuals, teams, and organizations develop better leaders, create more innovation, forge better internal and external relationships, and inspire greater performance.

    He has been an organizational consultant and educator since 1985. Whether delivering a keynote or engaged with a small group over a two-day workshop experience, Ron blends science and art, data and philosophy, with theory and practicality to achieve an enviable goal for educators: help leaders find practical applications they can use right away as well as prompt them to reconsider their longer term leadership positions and practices.

    He is a five-time entrepreneur and has held founding and/or executive positions in the following companies:

  • International Leadership Associates
  • Tom Peters Company (President)
  • Bluepoint Leadership Development (Chairman)

    Ron is a writer, an intuitionist, a factoid junkie, and a research synthesizer. He is a speaker for company meetings, industry association events, and other venues. Ron received his BS in Electronic Engineering Technology (1975) and his MBA (1977) from Oklahoma State University.

    Co-author of The Leader’s Voice: How Your Communication Can Inspire Action and Get Results! (New York: SelectBooks, 2002), the book has received praise from The Harvard Communication Newsletter, Amazon’s “top ten reviewer’s” Robert Morris, and the Business Book Review. The second edition was released in May, 2008.

    He is also co-author of The Leadership Experience: From Individual Success to Organizational Significance (New York: SelectBooks, 2007).

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