Scott Cervine

Scott Cervine

Comedian, Magician
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  • Custom tailored comedic, magic shows for corporate audiences


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At the age of 15, Scott Cervine was one of the youngest people to be accepted by the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood. He studied with the finest magicians in the world for seven years. At the age of 20, he was accepted as a full fledged member of the Academy of Magical Arts and quickly became one of their most popular performers.

Scott soon realized he also had a flair for comedy and began to study with groups such as “Second City” and “The Groundlings.” He decided to incorporate what he was learning into his magic and the result has been his most successful show to date, the highlight of which is a parody of his own award-winning act.

Scott has appeared on numerous television programs, both nationally and internationally. And he has appeared (and disappeared) in over a dozen countries, including the prestigious Winter Garten Theater in Germany, the Futurist Theater in England, and the International Theater in Tokyo.

Scott has also become a favorite in the corporate arena. From time to time, he has customized his show to the delight of his audience. He made CDs appear for MCA Music; his watch mysteriously disappeared and then reappeared on his wrist for Seiko; he even produced over five pounds of chocolate out of thin air for Nestle Corporation, just to name a few. And for The Northrup Grumman Corporation, he got the Vice President up on stage and turned him into a Magician. The result from the audience? Absolute pandemonium at seeing their VP on stage as the star. Scott says, “That’s half the fun, figuring out what each particular audience will respond to the most, and then tailoring the show to their needs.”

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