Scott Chesney

Scott Chesney

Surviving & Thriving in the Face of Adversity
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Keynote: Surviving & Thriving the Waves of Change
The dynamics of our world are changing faster than the speed of light - and the velocity, complexity and unpredictability of this change is almost staggering, particularly in this very difficult business climate. Now and in the future, success will require a true mind shift for every individual and organization. BUT, change is inherently unsettling for almost everyone --- and it is threatening on several different levels. This dynamic presentation will address:

  • The elements of change that never change
  • Overcoming the toughest kinds of resistance
  • Embracing change with enthusiasm, humility and humor
  • Leading the change process with in uence and impact
  • Harnessing change as an opportunity for both business and personal transformation

    Keynote: The Power in Adversity
    Let’s face it; life isn’t easy today for anyone. Everyone faces adversity at some point in their lives. When it happens, you can become overwhelmed by it, and even get angry. Or, you can put your problems in perspective and view them merely as obstacles and challenges to rise above. After this life-altering presentation, you’ll be able to:
  • End the blame game for yourself and others
  • Take personal responsibility for your life and career success
  • Overcome obstacles from the outside world and internal, self-imposed limitations
  • Tap into your achievement mindset of attitude, persistence and resilience
  • Reframe “failures” as fuel for useful feedback, innovation and growth

    Keynote: Becoming a Courageous Leader
    The human destiny of an individual is lined with personal growth and self-awareness. This journey connects us with many opportunities to emerge as traditional leaders, both professional and personal. However, as life moves at a faster pace than ever before, busier than every before, and what appears to be a more complex world than ever before, it is vital that a new type of leader evolves...a Courageous Leader. Each and every one of us has the ability and the potential to awaken the Courageous Leader within us and with Scott as your tour guide during this highly engaging and content-rich program, you will be able to:
  • Master the “Art of Presence” while leveraging the past and preparing for the future.
  • Identify and release your excuses for avoiding leadership opportunities in the past.
  • Model the behavior and tactics of other Courageous Leaders around you and in this world.
  • Unleash greater levels of communication, collaboration, teamwork, and creativity towards bigger goals and bigger results.
  • Deepen and strengthen existing relationships and create new and empowering relationships.
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    At the age of fifteen Scott Chesney had a spinal stroke that left him paralyzed. It would have been understandable if Scott spent the rest of his life lamenting his misfortune. Instead, he opted to focus on his abilities rather than his disabilities.

    Today, Scott is widely recognized as one of the top motivational speakers in the world. He has spoken to over one million people in 38 di erent countries. His clients include many Fortune 500 corporations, associations, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, as well as the United Nations, the Pentagon and the FBI! Scott is also a Professional Life Coach to hundreds of individuals and business executives, demonstrating through word and deed, how anyone can overcome adversity and develop positive approaches to life, work and success.

    As an expert in human motivation, Scott shares proven strategies and techniques combined with stories of courage and perseverance from his own life and the lives of others he has met around the world to connect with his audiences on the deepest of levels. He is truly a transformational speaker.

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    “Your presentation was highly inspirational yet at the same time applicable to our financial advisors and their respective practices. Our sales numbers have increased significantly in part to your words and the emotion behind them. We are currently up 80% over the past year and over 20% year-to-date.”
    --Penn Mutual

      “Thank you for making our Management Development Meeting a complete success. Your presentation to our Divisional team was the perfect conclusion to the three-day event as was indicated by the standing ovation you received. Not only did you motivate and inspire the entire audience to go beyond their fears to take their professional and personal lives to the next level, but you helped us bridge the gap between where we are in our lives and where we want to be. If any corporation is seeking the ideal speaker for their conference or meeting, they need not look any further than you, Scott. Thanks again and we look forward to working with you again soon!”
    --AXA Financial

      “Thank you for your well organized and inspirational seminar. Your inspirational message of “Leveraging Change through Leadership” was so well-received, thought-provoking, and a motivational force for them. We received many inquiries and thanks based on your presentation, which is a further testament to the impact of your message. Thank you for your courage, your strength, and your life of high purpose and integrity.”
    --Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

      “Thank you for your highly inspirational and motivational presentation on change. Effective strategies are so needed for creating change and reacting to change in our industry and YOU delivered! You are certainly one of the best speakers we have ever had at CIT and we look forward to working with you again in the near future.”