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Susan Etlinger

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Who’s Afraid of Big Data?: Fostering Insight and Trust in the Digital Age
Every day, we hear new stories about data: how much there is, how fast it moves, how it’s used for good or ill. Data permeates our organizations, our educational and legal systems, our society--even our dinner-table conversation. Now that we live in a data-rich world, we need to educate ourselves about what we can do—as leaders, citizens, and consumers—to use it to best advantage.

In clear and engaging language and with relevant, timely examples, this talk explains why we struggle in a data-rich world, and proposes a framework to better understand and address how we extract insight from data; and how we use it in such a way as to earn and protect trust: the trust of customers, constituents, patients, and partners.

Navigating the Sea of Digital Ethics
In this talk, Susan distills the discussion of digital ethics and data privacy into a clear framework that leaders can use to address existing digital ethics issues and plan for emerging ones. She brings together perspectives from academia, law, policy, corporations and data scientists to shed light on the current and emerging legal and ethical issues related to data collection, aggregation, analysis, storage, and usage, and the way we communicate about these practices.

Social Data Intelligence: Best Practices in Social and Digital Data
Using proprietary research gleaned from Global 2000 companies and technology innovators, Susan presents a view of the market for digital data, shares industry case studies and demonstrates how the most advanced organizations use social and other types of digital data to enhance brand reputation, drive revenue, improve customer experience and drive competitive advantage.

  • One of the most respected and influential voices on the smart, well-considered and ethical use of data, big and small. Susan is an industry analyst with Altimeter Group, where she conducts research on how the explosion of data is affecting individuals and institutions.
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    Susan Etlinger is an Industry Analyst with Altimeter Group focusing on big data, analytics, and listening and measurement strategies that support business objectives. With a diverse background in marketing and strategic planning, Susan has worked at the intersection of people, processes, and technology, in both corporations and agencies, including at Charles Schwab, Inc. and Horn Group.

    Susan focuses on helping clients develop strategic, actionable plans that support their unique objectives and organizations through periods of rapid change. Her experience across the enterprise in information technology, marketing, customer service, and retail enables her to assimilate the needs of multiple constituencies and apply them pragmatically to real-world business requirements.

    Susan has a deep grounding in interactive marketing and social technologies. As a Senior Vice President at Horn Group, Susan pioneered the agency’s social strategy offering, advising start-ups to Fortune 500 companies on social media best practices and strategic plan development. She has launched dozens of companies and products and counseled businesses through crises, liquidity events, and large-scale organizational initiatives.

    Susan is regularly interviewed and asked to speak on social strategy and best practices for business, and she has been quoted in outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Fast Company.

    Susan is a published translator and has a BA in Rhetoric from the University of California at Berkeley.

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