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Suzie Humphreys

Suzie Humphreys

Inspirational Humorist, Former TV Talk Show Host
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Life Is What Happens To You While You’re Making Other Plans
Take a roller coaster ride through Suzie’s failures at breakneck speed and discover at the end of the ride that those same failures turned out to be the “very best things that ever happened to her.”

I Can Do That!
This presentation is perfect for corporate, education or anyone who needs a lift up not from outside, but from within.

We’re ALL Walking Around With IT!
Facing our fears is exactly the trick to shrinking them! Rather than trying to escape them….what if instead, we just confronted and accepted them? After all, “before a situation can be transformed it must first be accepted!”

Looking for the Laughter!
Finding the humor in the midst of desperation, anger or fear is not an easy task. Sometimes, however, we are able to see it years later…in looking back. How wonderful to see it during the “chaos.” As always, Suzie’s stories are probably yours, just told in a different voice!

“Please Pick Up After Yourself, Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here!”
Suzie shares the most significant of hers and frankly and humorously tells how she learned to focus on what is right about others.

“Suzie: Where is Your Faith?”
This is about letting go and learning to quit trying to control everything and everybody in our path. Suzie’s strong faith is the constant in her very busy life. She shares how she invites God into everything.

Why Book Suzie Humphreys?

  • Suzie’s gift is in touching the emotions of her audience through stories that hold humor and the enchantment of a deeper message.

  • Whether it is the challenge of a change or acceptance of a situation, Suzie helps you rise to the occasion with all the enthusiasm that living life demands.

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    Suzie Humphreys has been fired, broke, disappointed, been a petrified expectant mother when she was 40 years old and yet she’s lived her life with an unquenchable passion for learning not only how to be better …..but to see things differently.

    Her background is as varied as her audiences…from administrative secretary to Television Talk Show Host, to 20 years in radio. She has hobnobbed with movie stars and politicians interviewed the great and the “near” great. She has made motion pictures and hundreds of commercials.

    Suzie is uproariously funny, blatantly honest and plain spoken. She takes her message to corporations and conventions, hospitals to classrooms. She lifts, jolts, and nurtures her audiences and they love every minute of it. People leave with the unmistakable warmth of having been deeply touched, and the unshakable affirmation that whether ordinary or extraordinary, through good times or bad, caught in mid-frailty or new accomplishment, life really is the greatest thing ever!

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    "As always, Suzie [Humphreys] did a great job... She is so warm and personable and was very well received by the 400+ in attendance."
    --Longview Chamber of Commerce

    "[Suzie Humphreys] She did an outstanding job, and was super cooperative!"  
    --Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools

    "Ms. [Suzie] Humphreys is possibly one of the best motivational speakers we have had the pleasure of hearing."     ---TX Dept of Transportation