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T.C. Roekle

T.C. Roekle

Raise Student and Staff Performance in Your Education System
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  • Designing Thriving Schools™: Using Technology to Accelerate Learning and Increase Staff Performance
  • Leading Educational Change From the Inside
  • Designing Thriving Schools™ Strategy Game: A Strategic Thinking and Planning Process
  • Schools That Thrive Keynote


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T. C. Roekle is an award winning classroom teacher, secondary and elementary principal, curriculum director, co-author assistant superintendent, and graduate school instructor, she has spearheaded many major efforts in the areas of educational leadership, school improvement, standards implementation, technology integration, and school reform. T.C. is a highly respected educator who has solid leadership experience with a focus on innovative strategies to raise student and staff performance at the building and district level.

As a speaker, she forms a powerful connection with her audiences through personal experiences and insights. In her entertaining and thought-provoking presentations, she will assist you in identifying specific goals and objectives that will enable your school to thrive today and into the future. T.C. will research your unique challenges and opportunities to ensure that her message addresses timely, practical issues that are relevant to your school community. Her dynamic personality and ability to captivate and motivate audiences make her a highly regarded educational speaker.

T.C. was twice nominated National Teacher of the Year and has been the recipient of numerous other administrative honors, including six consecutive State Senate tributes for creating a statewide reading initiative. She is an active member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), has been a national committee member for the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE), and has served on the advisory board for the Jason Project in her home state of Michigan.

T.C. is the co-author of Designing Thriving Schools®, a strategic thinking and planning process that is designed to provide educators at all levels with the tools and strategies they need to shape a positive future for their schools. Developed in collaboration with Daniel Burrus, one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and author of Technotrends®, this unique program combines cutting-edge information about the newest technological innovations with the latest research-based education strategies to stimulate new ideas and thinking.

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