Teri Yanovitch

Teri Yanovitch

Unleashing Excellence in Customer Service
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The Magic of the “Pixie Dust” – Customer Service, A Way of Life for Disney
How do you translate Disney’s incredible 60 year success into simple strategies and tactics that any organization can apply? This program takes a look at how Disney engages the hearts and minds of its employees to want to deliver “the extra”, even with no one watching. It explores how they consistently deliver a seamless experience through a common set of defined behaviors that become a way of life in both internal and external service situations. Through personal stories and anecdotes, audience participants learn how Disney separates itself from its competition. If you want to catapult your organization from offering ordinary customer experiences to extraordinary experiences, like Disney does, the lessons learned can be easily translated to your industry.

Participants will:

• Learn how to engage employees through a common vision that inspires and motivates
• Explore a set of behaviors that become guidelines to decision-making
• Understand the four components that create a differentiation in the customer experience
• Learn why it feels “magical” and how you can strengthen your brand

Unleashing Excellence: How to Deliver World-Class Service
Service excellence is more than smiling nice and maintaining good eye contact. It is an all-encompassing approach to making excellence the way you do business. “Everything Speaks” in your environment, what people see, hear, smell and touch impacts their experience. Even if you never “sell” a product, everyone your organization interacts with is a customer, even your employees. Today’s customer is looking for value and for the organization that is focused on delivering that value and earning their trust. This program will share insights on how your organization can consistently deliver superior value to its customers.

• learn how to look through the lens of the customer
• identify opportunities within the physical environment to impact
• learn how to immediately create “wows”
• identify the barriers that get in the way of excellent service delivery

Leading a Culture of Service Excellence
Employees look to their leader for an example to follow.  Leaders must walk the talk of service excellence.  Intentions are not enough, actions are what speak.  This program shows how to create a picture of performance excellence and inspire a common vision for all employees to follow.  How to gain involvement and ownership by employees for their day-to-day interactions is covered as it is a critical component for success.  Holding everyone accountable and giving praise and recognition to sustain the culture is also a vital key.

• learn how to create a credible, compelling picture of the future
• explore best ways to communicate the vision
• identify how to increase employee involvement and strengthen employee ownership
• explore how to hold people accountable


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Customer service expert Teri Yanovitch has been on the frontline of the customer experience for more than three decades.  Author of the acclaimed "Unleashing Excellence - The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service", she is a former customer service ambassador for the Walt Disney Company (a gold standard in customer service). She is also a former regional trainer of the southeast U.S. for the Hertz Corporation and is widely regarded as a leading authority in the field.  Teri's passion is to engrain service excellence into the fabric of the organization so that every employee understands customer service is not an either/or proposition, nor an add-on to their job, but it IS their job. 

Combining a memorable customer experience with giving the customer what was promised is a winning combination that Teri honed while working with the noted guru of quality management, Philip Crosby and her years as a keynote speaker and seminar leader at the Disney Institute.  Disney has become a benchmark for organizations all over the world as they know their true measure of success is repeat business.

Teri instills the service excellence culture in all sizes of businesses. She has helped many diverse organizations over the years apply the best practices of continuous improvement in both quality and service to achieve their goals. Today she continues to work as a speaker, trainer and consultant helping organizations dedicated to delivering on their promise and developing customer loyalty.

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“Teri spoke at our annual leadership meeting, and we could not have been more pleased. She was dynamic and bright, and she kept our leaders actively engaged right from the get-go…even after a full day of meetings. Teri used her real-world experience at Disney to align her presentation to our own customer service goals, and as a result, the information was rich and relevant. We came away with plenty of customer service concepts and ideas, which we readily applied to our own company practices.”
--President Scholastic Book Fairs

"Teri was outstanding! She presented the perfect keynote to kickoff our first ever professional development event. Staff members were blown away by how well Teri's presentation hit home. The event has sparked a cultural change for our entire workforce."
--Associate Dean for Campus Life - Arkansas Tech University

“Thanks Teri! We really appreciate all you did. We think this is the best service presentation we’ve had and we’ve had several in the past so THANK YOU!”
--AVP/Marketing Director- CU Members Mortgage