Terry  Jones

Terry Jones

Founder of Two Billion Dollar startups (Kayak & Travelocity), Author, Venture Capitalist

In-Person Fee Range:
$20,001 - $30,000
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Make Better Decisions
Two Sides, Same Coin
The AI Edge
Disruption Off

Terry Jones

Founder of Two Billion Dollar startups (Kayak & Travelocity), Author, Venture Capitalist

In-Person Fee Range:
$20,001 - $30,000
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Why Book

  • Terry helps companies use the tools and techniques he’s developed to keep up with this rapidly changing world.
  • His programs on innovation, leadership and customer relationships are always thought provoking, entertaining and customized.
  • Attendees walk away with inspired ideas and concrete action items to implement in their companies.


Terry Jones is a technology pioneer who has played a pivotal role in creating the trillion-dollar e-commerce travel industry.

Whereas other people talk about innovation – Terry Jones lives it. Only .01% of businesses reach the elusive billion-dollar “unicorn” status, Jones built and scaled not one but two unicorn businesses (Travelocity and Kayak).

As a board director for more than 20 companies, his IPOs and exits total over $10 Billion.

Jones is a highly sought-after international speaker and a recognized global authority in the “Future of Business”, “Disruptive Leadership”, and “Digital Transformation.”

He is the author of the critically-acclaimed books “ON Innovation “Turning on Innovation in Your Culture, Team, and Organization.” And Disruption OFF, “The technological disruption coming for your company and what to do about it”

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Innovate or Cease to Exist

Every generation has challenges but the pace, disruption, and unprecedented change that is going on right now has never happened in human history. AI, automation, robotics, blockchain, and remote work. Nothing seems to make sense UNLESS you see the world as an innovator and disruptor. You will learn simple, practical ways you can be more innovative at your daily work.

  • How to build the right culture
  • How to build the right team
  • How to source new ideas
  • How to choose the best ideas
  • How to turn them into products
Harnessing Digital Disruption

Leaders are worried. Businesses are being disrupted at an ever increasing rate and technologies are converging to create unprecedented dislocation. Terry who disrupted the travel industry, twice, has the keys to surviving and thriving in an age of digital transformation.

  • What are the key disruptive technologies?
  • How will AI change my business?
  • How do I own the edge?
  • How can I reimagine my business for digital?
  • How can I turn disruption into innovation?
Success in a Business World Disrupted by AI

AI is the most powerful force of business disruption today. It’s changing both products and the future of work. How can you harness it to create lasting advantage? Terry, who has been working in AI for the last ten years can give you successful strategies you can put to work at once.

  • How should you think about AI in your organization?
  • What are the data challenges?
  • What are the security implications?
  • What are the work force impacts?
  • How can you implement it in your products?
  • How will it change your business model?
Disruption Off

Leaders are worried. Businesses are being disrupted at an ever increasing pace and technological advances are converging to create unprecedented dislocation. Identify what these are and how you can turn them to your advantage. Terry reviews the to 10 technical forces of disruption and more importantly shows the new business models that result.

Utilizing technical forces of disruption, Terry shows our current business models that are created from disruption and how startups are shedding old concepts to create simple models that “own the edge”. The Edge – where the customer is – where we HAVE to be.

As Terry says, “My innovation is YOUR disruption. It is only disruption because YOU didn’t do it!” Drawing from his experiences with several start ups and as the founder of and founding Chairman of, Jones helps audiences turn disruption into innovation.

This fast paced presentation can help you avoid disruption and become the innovator!

Terry can also address the implications of these technologies on the work force and the future of work. Additionally, they can also be combined with his ON Innovation speech and Disruption topic.


ON Innovation

Every business needs to innovate, but where do you start? In this presentation, Terry Jones explores the fundamentals of innovation and gives leaders simple but powerful ideas they can use to create a more innovative organization. Drawing from his experiences as the founder of and founding Chairman of, and now his new venture, Jones helps audiences turn innovation from an academic exercise into an everyday skill. The stories from his career and personal experiences not only provide well- chosen real world illustrations of how challenging, and ultimately rewarding it can be to gather a team and establish a culture that is open to change, he gives audiences step-by-step plans to create it.

In addition to this presentation 45 – 60 minute presentation, Terry can also do a breakout session to follow it up. This innovation breakout session builds on the key points of his speech. The group splits into round tables and each selects an innovation topic on which to focus (topics such as; Culture, Team, idea generation, idea selection, idea implementation….these can be any of the 73 topics in Terry’s book). They spend 20-30 minutes discussing how Terry’s key points apply to their industry and their specific businesses. Terry will circulate and spend time with each team coaching. Then each team (if there is time) or a selection of teams, present their findings to the entire group and Terry facilitates this discussion.

Terry’s book, ON Innovation is also available as a room gift or for use in book signings. Books can be customized with a company logo or meeting logo on the front with a special message on the back cover for your attendees. (Quantity discounts available).

Building Digital Relationships

How will your customer contact you today? In the store, via the phone, on your web site, read a tweet, friend you on Facebook? There is no way to know. In this presentation, e-commerce pioneer Terry Jones gives your audience the keys to unlock the mystery of how to deal with today’s omni channel customer.

While face-to-face contact isn’t going away, companies that lack an effective online relationship strategy are being left behind. Jones vast online experience can educate your audience in all phases of the digital conversation from search to social media, using real-world examples in creating Travelocity, Kayak and helping dozens of other companies.

Keeping up with today’s omni channel customer is a daunting task. Terry’s long experience in the on line world (Travelocity, Kayak, Wayblazer and the boards of ten digital companies) can show your audience how to succeed in this complex digital world.

From search to social, mobile to big data, local to logistics, Terry will cover what you need to know now to keep 21st century customers satisfied..

These ideas can also be combined with his ON Innovation speech and Disruption topic.

The Impact of AI In Healthcare

Robots caring for our elderly? Printing ears that hear? IBM’s Watson diagnosing our maladies? What are the impacts of AI and other technologies in our healthcare and how can we take these disruptions and use them to innovate to our advantage?

Terry Jones is an expert on disruption. He disrupted travel with Travelocity, then disrupted with

An expert on AI and the future of technology, Jones has consulted with health care and other industries worldwide on disruption and innovation. He encourages them to take risks testing new business models and that to change the world disruptions don’t have to change everything, many times it’s just one thing. UBER and Travelocity didn’t change a product, just how your purchase it.

Journey of the Entrepreneur

Digital disruptor and serial entrepreneur, Terry Jones inspires young entrepreneurs and students worldwide in his captivating, fast paced, multi-media presentations about his journey as an entrepreneur. The founder of & speaks both virtually and in person to young entrepreneur audiences all over the globe through governmental agencies and private sponsorships.

“Journey of an Entrepreneur” explores the lessons of what leading five startups, two of them Billion Dollar Unicorns can teach you. Terry led his first startup at 22 and his latest at 65, along the way he has authored two books, served on nineteen boards and shared his deep startup experience with tens of thousands of people worldwide.

He encourages attendees to innovate through the current disruptions and challenges our world is facing and use their fresh ideas as they take their place in this global economy.

Terry Jones Reviews

“…they loved him!”

— Air & Expedited Motor Carriers Association

“The content was fresh and sophisticated while your delivery was smooth and plenty. I personally learned a lot form your presentation and often quote you to my colleagues.”

— Direct Marketing Association

“Your presentation dealt adroitly with their issues and offered real hope for these struggling companies because of your success (dot-com success no less).”

— Kleiner, Perkins Caufield & Byers

“You rated so well it will be tough to find someone comparable!”

— SciQuest

“The event was amazing. Terry was a consummate professional and gave a speech that electrified our crowd. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thank you.”

— TexChange

“He’s a very dynamic and relevant speaker for any industry/business. He brings a very bright perspective on AI and the future of business.”

— Institute of Management Accountants


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