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Vincent Ivan Phipps

Communication & Presentation Coach
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Amplify Your Attitude!© 
• Increase your resistance to handling stress.
• Discover the differences between negative and positive stressors.
• Learn how to maintain a positive and productive attitude to focus on solutions.
• Learn the 4M Technique© (Making My Mental Movie) to keep cool under pressure.

Amplify Your Communication!© 
• Discover the 3 dynamics of communication that impact your rapport with others.
• Identify the FireTerms©  & (words to avoid) that contribute to miscommunications.
• Adapt your speaking & listening by understanding the 4 types of communication styles.
• Learn the 5 rules of Connector Questions© leading to increased communication efficiency.

Amplify Your Customer Service!©
• Avoid igniting negative situations by knowing the FireTerms©.
• Build customer and client trust using the Connecter Questions©.
• Control conversations using the 5 Replies of Customer Service©.
• Reduce miscommunications by following 4 Rules of Customer Service.

Amplify Your Goal Setting!©
• Understand where you are within the Four Channels of Change©
• Apply the 8 “Ws” of goal setting to increase the success of accomplishing goals.
• Avoid the 4 most common problems that keep us from accomplishing our goals.
• Use the 5 components of T.I.G.H.T. Goals© to prevent goals from having loose ends!

Amplify Your Customer Service!©
• Avoid igniting negative situations by knowing the FireTerms©.
• Build customer and client trust using the Connecter Questions©.
• Control conversations using the 5 Replies of Customer Service©.
• Reduce miscommunications by following 4 Rules of Customer Service.

Amplify Your Interviews!©
• Identify 5 rules to improve your interviewing questions.
• Discover how to ensure that you and the position are both an ideal fit.
• Understand the 4 basic interviewing styles to discover motivational factors.
• Understand the do’s and don’ts of body language, voice, and content impacting interviews.

Amplify Your Leadership Listening!©
• Discover your listening strengths and weaknesses that impact how you lead.
• Measure your listening efficiency from a self-scoring assessment from 0%-100%.
• Increase your listening by 30% in both verbal and nonverbal listening.
• Learn the 3 levels of leadership listening to discover where you need to improve.

Amplify Your Professional Development!©
• Learn the importance of accountability.
• Understand the difference between taking blame and taking responsibility.
• Identify the do’s and don’ts of professional etiquette.
• Avoid the 3 areas of career suicide to avoid that can impact your lifelong professionalism.

Amplify Your Public Speaking & Presentations!©
• Learn a confidence building technique to address the fears of speaking.
• Look and sound more comfortable when speaking using PSE© (Public Speech Enhancers).
• Control your body language and voice that affects up to 93% of your public speaking.
• Make your messages more effective using the GPS© (Giving Purposeful Speeches).

Amplify Your Networking!©
• Discover the 3 Phases of Networking: Presence, Plan and Process.
• Develop “Starter” questions to take the burden off of initiating conversation.
• Build and maintain confidence by increase awareness of your nonverbal communication.
• Learn the Connector Question Technique© to smoothly dictate the flow of the conversation.
• Create a customized “Intromercial” intriguing others by telling them what you do and how you do it.

Amplify Your Sales!©
• Adapt your approach to learn the four styles of negotiation.
• Increase your closure rate by learning 5 types of sales questions.
• Learn the 4 ways to respond to control the flow of a sales conversation.
• Improve your listening skills to increase your communication and sales efficiency.

Amplify How You Lead Your Team!©
• Determine if you are a Laid-back, Energetic, Analytical, or Dominant style.
• Recognize the strengths, weaknesses, and motivational factors influencing each style.
• Adapt quickly to other styles leading to faster results with reduced miscommunications.
• Apply the F.I.X.© technique for faster problem solving by connecting on their wavelength.

Why Book Vincent Ivan Phipps?

  • He delivers his programs with an unparalleled balance of professionalism and interaction and draws sustained interaction from audiences.

  • His presentations are energetic and inspirational and provide educational tools that improve communication

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    Vincent Ivan Phipps is an expert in amplifying attitudes and promoting communication excellence. He is owner of Communication VIP Training. The VIP represents the company’s expertise, Very Important People-skills. The VIP also are Vincent’s initials! As a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and speech coach, Vincent has spoken in over 400 American cities and 5 foreign countries. Within 3 years, Vincent endured the following tragedies: breaking his neck in an almost fatal car accident, leaving his corporate job after 13 years, and he and his wife suffering the loss of their son. During these times of struggle, Vincent developed strategies to channel negative energy towards positive outcomes. He parlayed these skills into techniques for personal and professional empowerment. Vincent has been speaking professionally for 23 years. He is author of Lead Out Loud: Keys to Unlock Your Professional Excellence! Vincent has an undergraduate degree in Speech/Language Communication and a Master’s in Leadership/Management. Vincent is also a retired, undefeated, national storytelling champion. Out of the top 100 storytellers in North America, Vincent was ranked 8th in the nation by TripAdvisor. Vincent is the recipient of the highest earned honor awarded by the National Speakers Association, the CSP, Certified Speaking Professional. This designation places Vincent in the top 12% of the world’s best speakers and trainers.

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    "OUTSTANDING! Thank you, Jo. Vincent was outstanding at this conference. His presentation was dead on for this group. He is an excellent speaker and did a great job!"
    --Tennessee Valley Public Power Association

    "Bravo! Well Done"
    --Chattanooga International Association of Administrative Professionals

    "I found Vincent to be very energetic and engaging to the audience. The education and tools he gave me to improve my communications were inspirational and very effective! Vincent is a very upbeat and positive professional. He has the ability to put people at ease while keeping them engaged and enthused. His sincerity is one of his best traits and one of the things that keeps his audience engaged"
    --Forsyth Country Club