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Think. Execute. Win.
Business Fundamentals to Drive Your Success
Successful business is very similar to a successful sports team. Like sports, business operates by a few basic fundamentals. Do you know what they are? Do you know what’s required of you to get to the next level? Being fundamentally sound means you pay attention to every detail in your business and industry. You take criticism and use it to your advantage. You know your competition and you don’t stop no matter what. Competition in today’s marketplace is fierce. That’s why your daily execution is key to your success. Winning begins with the right Mindset. Walter teaches strategies to boost confidence, create buy in, engagement and ultimately accountability. Bottom line is…You have to MASTER the Fundamentals.

  • Mindset – You have to visualize your wins and be mentally tough to overcome change and setbacks.
  • Continuous Improvement – Success requires a commitment to reinventing yourself, your brand and your organization continuously. There’s no time to get stale. Commit to getting….Bigger…Stronger…Faster.
  • Take Control – Be an impact player. Go the extra mile to create success.
  • Strategy- What’s the game plan and are you following it?

    Success is a Team Sport
    Walter Bond’s words on teamwork strike at the very core of what it means to come together for the collective good. Success is a Team Sport empowers your team to not just be better, but to be the best: You know the saying, there is No “I” in Team. Well today you will learn your “I” truly matters. Be ready to learn how your natural abilities can impact any environment you are in. We need your “I” to impact your team.

  • Engagement - Each employee will be committed to being impact players as well as building momentum together.
  • Alignment - By creating 100% employee buy-in you can guarantee laser focus on the collective good.
  • Winning Culture - Foster an environment where every action makes a difference while holding their teammates accountable to themselves and to their work.
  • Why Book Walter Bond?

  • He shares his personal experience in the NBA with corporate America and teaches audiences the importance of accountability and excellence.

  • Known as Mr. Accountability, Walter is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who effortlessly captivates his audiences with his message on responsibility and productivity.

  • He teaches audiences how to advance productivity through increased employee engagement and team synergy.

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    Open your conference with HIGH ENERGY….

    SHIFT the PASSION in the MIDDLE…

    Or Close your conference with HIGH IMPACT

    Walter Bond brings a message that is Customized, Solutions Oriented and Results Driven

    Walter Bond is a dynamic personality with a wealth of experience and a powerful message that will transform the way your organization tackles every day challenges. As a man who has reached the pinnacle in a diverse range of fields: NBA athlete and broadcaster, Food Network TV host, successful Business Coach….Walter Bond knows how to take control, make winning decisions and create a culture of success. Let this unique Top Rated and Hall of Fame Speaker use his passion and energy to bring your team together like never before so that they commit to being better every single day. As your perfect choice, Walter Bond will speak directly to every member of your audience and create a buzz that challenges assumptions and breaks down barriers. Walter Bond transformed himself from coming off the bench at the University of Minnesota to becoming the first ever rookie free agent to start on opening night for the Dallas Mavericks. This endeavor required high level commitment and a shifted mindset. Let Walter Bond transform your team and your culture.

    Walter Bond is a man who has made a difference his entire life. His words will resonate with your audience and provide the catalyst they need to accept no excuses and stay focused on the goal of your organization.

    This time, you don’t have to choose between a Thought Leader and a Professional Athlete. Now you can have both. Walter Bond is more than a business coach, he’s an inspirational Hall of Famer on a one-man mission to show the masses that possible becomes probable when you believe it will happen.

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    "Walter is one of the most dynamic motivational speakers that we have had the pleasure to book for our events. He made an awesome impression on our consultants and imparted some very important things to help them grow their businesses."
    --EC Factory

    "The meeting went very well and Walter was a huge success!! Our brokers really enjoyed his session and their feedback has been extremely positive. He also spent some time after his session to sign his books for all of our attendees!"
    --ADM Investor Services

    "Our attendees LOVED Walter!!! He was our keynote speaker and he delivered. Next time, I’ll purchase books for all attendees."
    --AEGON Companies | Transamerica Life & Protection

    "Walter Bond was awesome! I've never seen our people get excited with any previous speaker. Thanks for suggesting him!"
    --Federal Financial Group

    "He did an absolutely great job. Got great feedback from all meeting attendees. Everybody just loved it. He was extremely effective in tying his personal message to the challenges our organization faces...Mr. Bond made an outstanding contribution to our conference. He was correct in his earlier email wherein he said he could knock this one out of the park! He most certainly did!"
    --Headquarters, Defense Commissary

    "Everything went very well with Walter – he was really well received by the franchisees! We all enjoyed him!"
    --Bruster's Real Ice Cream

    "Walter was a very entertaining presenter. He was able to get his message across while keeping the audience very entertained and engaged...He was a wonderful presenter. Our attendees thought he was one of the best presenters we have ever had."
    --Thomson Reuters, Tax & Accounting

    "We were very pleased with Walter Bond’s presentation... Walter is so easy to work with and spent a significant amount of time after his presentation visiting with the attendees and everyone found him very approachable."
    --The Travel Society

    "He was a home run - he engaged with the audience and captured their attention."
    --Athene USA

    "Walter was an excellent Keynote Speaker to Kickoff our event."
    --L&L Nursery Supply, Inc.