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  • Breaking Through Barriers With a Grin
  • The 44 Hottest Prospecting Systems at Work in North America
  • Explosive Market Strategies - Strategies for Hectic Markets
  • Working With the Elephant Real Estate Agent - Strategies to Build Profitable Alliances With Top Producing Real Estate Agents
  • The Internet Is Really the "Outer"-net
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  • Sanford is an expert in real estate investor and has experienced the ups and downs of the finances that come with it

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    After twenty-eight years in the real estate industry, California real estate mega-broker Walter S. Sanford has seen it all. He has prospered in the real estate challenges that we face every day – challenges such as recessions then depressions. He has made three fortunes to remain standing as one of North America’s greatest real estate success stories. He will tell you why it took THREE times!

    Walter joined the multitude of real estate agents during the 70’s, when few mistakes could be made in the market. He quickly modeled his operations after the most successful agents in the business, and with several “out of the box: innovations of his own, he earned a major fortune before the age of 20. Then the stern 1980’s rolled around and the inexperienced Sanford found himself highly leveraged with negative cash flow on 409 apartment units. He promptly lost his equity and he was left with the dubious distinction of losing more money in real estate then most people had ever made all by the age of 22.

    It was at this time that Walter graduated from USC with a major in real estate finance. He started his real estate career as a small independent real estate broker in Long Branch. Needing $30,000 a month to pay off his past mistakes, Sanford combined aggressive promotion, lead generation, and the systematic use of teams. Soon, he was closing more than 300 transactions per year. By 1982, Sanford was the dominate agent in California real estate and on its way to becoming one of the top agents in the nation.

    Walter has developed numerous systems, technologies, and attitudes that have enabled him to build one of the top real estate in North America with more than $70 million in production as a single agent office PER YEAR! A pioneer for personal promotion, the use of assistance and the effective research of hot demographic groups, Sanford operates a very profitable real estate system while building a respectable portfolio of properties for himself.

    An innovator and creator after over a quarter century in the real estate business, Sanford is one of the most requested speakers, parlaying vital and current information to beginning and advanced Realtors®, governmental agencies, economic advisors, and national print and television media. No one gives more real, low-cost, profit-producing real estate ideas than Walter Sanford.

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