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Wayne Pickering

Wayne Pickering

The Ambassador for Health, 'The Mango Man'
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  • Is Your Diet a Riot?
  • Combine When You Dine: The Marvels of Digestion
  • Tell Me Doc, What’s for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Melons...How to Shop for the Cream of the Crop?
  • Treat Yourself...You Deserve to Be Healthy
  • How to Get Well - Then Stay Well for Life?
Why Book Wayne Pickering?

  • Wayne has beat the odds and substantially improved his health in the process - and now he wants to share his improved lifestyle

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    Imagine being 21 years of age and 40 pounds overweight with a third bout of rheumatic fever, expected to die before your 30th birthday. What do you suppose Wayne Pickering did? He asked “What does it take to beat the odds?” The Answer: Renegotiate your self-worth. Prognosis was death at 30, now at 50, he’s an author whose work is distributed in 33 countries, international professional speaker and an award winning tri-athlete who was nominated for the 1996 Healthy Fitness Leader Award. He’s a licensed nutritional counselor who’s approved for “Continuing Education” by the Florida and Alabama Boards of Pharmacy. His purpose is teaching people how to be the Healthiest Person on the Planet and not the Wealthiest Person in the Grave with a focus on Nutrition and a basic philosophy: “If you want to be tough, you have to eat good stuff!” He studied nutrition, theology, and naturopathy (the study of food and exercise to aid the body’s healing processes) and did, in fact, beat the odds. His wide healthy smile reflects a man who has come to terms with his health! Today, Wayne is a healthy and successful speaker and consultant, who enthusiastically shows his audiences how to keep the fun in the living. His presentations have entertained, inspired, and energized over 50,000 in four countries and have been featured at over 600 conventions, conferences, dinner meetings, and training seminars. He is a Licensed Nutritional Counselor and the author of “The Food Combining Guide” & “The Perfect Diet Program.”

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