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Wesley Aleshire

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Fair Housing: What is it and why is it here?
This course is packed with relevant details about the Fair Housing Act along with an explanation of where it came from and why it’s here. During this course, we will discuss basic needed information including a historical look at anti-discrimination, the Civil Right Act, The Fair Housing Amendment Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, federal, state, and local laws, occupancy standards, sexual harassment, dealing with discriminating questions, as well as treatment and impact.

Mastering Daily Obstacles While Embracing Prospects
It’s usually the little things that hold us back. Use the information in this course to help improve the overall efficiency in your offices. Topics include setting appointments, master follow up program, dealing with difficult residents, and time management.

Telephone Techniques: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
A staggering statistic has shown that 94% of people in our industry are considered “friendly” on the phone, but only 5% actually set an appointment. In this seminar, you will learn proper phone techniques, common initial questions, seven main objectives, information gathering, creating interest, and follow-up.

Take the ‘Secret’ out of the ‘Shop’: The art of successful leasing
Wouldn’t it be nice to know how you are going to be scored when a secret shopper slips in right under your nose and watches your every move? No one wants a bad shop review! This course will not only explain the details of how you will be rated, but it gives you tips to perform better on a daily basis. Knowledge is power!

An Intro Into the Industry: A Crash Course in Leasing, Marketing and Customer Services
Crash course! This is the best way to describe this course. If your Team Members are new in the industry, this course is a must. But it doesn’t stop there. It is human nature to forget some of the basics in our industry; this course will bring them all back to life. Supervisors have said that this course covers more details than any other course they’ve attended.

Creative Marketing: You’ve Got Their Attention, Now What?
Stop the “Marketing Ideas Overload!” We will share basic ideas for effectively marketing your community without breaking the budget. But the course is much more than that! Learn about marketing that works, networking for ideas, tracking marketing sources, turning calls into traffic, resident retention programs, powerful word of mouth, and dealing with prospective residents.

Creative Workshop: Customized to Overcome Your Obstacles
This unique workshop gives you the opportunity to address issues that are specific to your market. You will be ale to choose as many as ten different issues, which will be discussed in small groups throughout the course. Every person in the room will be able to give input on potential solutions to problems. In addition to being high-energy, all the information obtained during this seminar will be summarized and emailed to every student that attended. This course has been used to overcome issues as an association and overcome obstacles in all areas of business and sales.

Custom Gameshow: Any Subject, Any Group
There will never be a better way to create an entertaining environment with substance than a Custom Gameshow The retention level will be amazing, and even the most boring topics will be a HUGE hit! If you’ve got only 15-90 minutes of presentation time, this is the perfect opportunity for you. The entire presentation will be done as a gameshow. The attendees will feel like they are at a live TV gameshow, the categories will be your topic choice, and everyone will have a blast!

Knowledge is Power: Arm Your Team With Power
Learn new systems to help improve the overall performance of your communities, get “out of the box” ideas to maximize productivity, and get up to speed with recent industry changes that effect your properties. Empower yourself with knowledge!

Fair Housing and Beyond
This course includes video scenarios that showcase real-life situations, requiring critical thinking and decision-making skills. See examples of the serious consequences of incorrect responses, get coaching on how to avoid costly mistakes. Learn about fair housing essentials, and practical explanations of how federal, state, an local protected classes and barred discriminatory acts impact property operations.

Why Book Wesley Aleshire?

  • Wesley has a long history of experience in the business of passion; passion for his work, passion for others and their work, a passion for passion

  • Wesley is a professional speaker who gives keynotes on leadership, sales strategies, growing you on business, and real estate

  • Biography Read more

    At the early age of 17, Wesley Aleshire discovered that he had a passion for passion--its influence and power to impact individuals’ lives in such monumental ways. While on a road trip, he attended a motivational seminar. Wesley found the experience to be engaging and enjoyable, and the emotional and focused charge that he felt as a result of the event securely resonated with him. It honestly affected him in that it molded the direction for his purpose in business from there on.  

    Wesley began his work experience in sales and shifted to real estate management after five years. As a result of hard work and a core belief of continuous personal development, he progressed swiftly in his career. He has had the opportunity to work with more than one billion dollars net worth of commercial and multi-family properties. While holding various positions such as a trouble-shooter for a property management team to a Director of Acquisitions, his focus has been on business development, employee development, solution strategies and curriculum development.

    The experience at the motivational seminar still pulled at him. Wesley never lost his ardor of the passion that motivation can generate. Throughout his work experiences, he saw opportunities and situations in the business world in which the correct motivation and direction for development could ignite a real growth of capacity and skill. As a result of this awareness, Wesley has spent the past 10 years building, cultivating and implementing business training programs. 

    To date Wesley has spoken on behalf of corporations and associations in more than one-third of the nation’s states. His seminars are not structured in a typical classroom or lecture format; instead, they feature a heightened level of engagement and interaction and also consist of comedy and stark realism. Rather than consisting of merely instructional information, Wesley’s training sessions are both collaborative and actionable.  

    The effectiveness of his training extends far beyond the classroom as a proactive sense of desire is established in attendees for development--personally and team-based--through professional growth and education. His seminars prove transformational as the focus is on people, fostering meaningful business and consumer relationships and discerning the root causes of major, repeated problems and challenges.  

    Wesley currently resides in the Atlanta area where he continues to focus on curriculum development and training. He has served as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters, has completed the Advanced Instructor Training program for the National Apartment Association Education Institute, DDI, and is part of the Leadership Lyceum for the Florida Apartment Association. He is available to train and conduct seminars worldwide.

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