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Don’t Manage Your Time—Manage Your Energy
During these demanding times most people suffer from too much work, too much information and too much stress. In response most of us keep working longer and harder causing us to become less productive. To get out of this destructive cycle we are admonished to manage our time more effectively. There is only one problem--no matter how well you manage your time, there are only 24 hours in every day. A more productive approach is to learn to manage your energy--which unlike time is an infinite resource.

Positive Attitude: The Key to Peak Performance in Tough Times
This highly motivational and entertaining keynote combines story telling, humor, and motivation with specific action strategies that you can apply immediately to improve the quality of your personal and professional life. You will laugh, cry and think and come away from this motivational keynote with a renewed sense of hope, energy and inspiration.

Don't Oil the Squeaky Wheel… and Other Contrarian Ways to Improve Your Leadership Effectiveness
Don't satisfy your customers. Don't have goals and objectives. Be selfish. Sounds like leadership advice that goes against conventional wisdom. That's just the point. This keynote will challenge you to break your tried-and-true assumptions about leadership that have worked in the past, but need to be revisited, reevaluated and maybe even --- changed.

Winning Management: Motivating Employees to Achieve Peak Performance in Tough Times
Research has shown that only 26% of all employees are performing at their full potential. Will that level of performance enable you to thrive in this highly competitive global economy? This keynote will provide you with specific strategies for building an organizational culture that will enable you to achieve dramatic improvements in performance, productivity and profitability. You will be provided with proven strategies that will enable you to build a positive organizational culture--a culture that promotes trust and reduces employee defections--so that you will become an "employer of choice" and attract hard-to-find skilled team members and profitable customers like a magnet. And you will discover how to manage like a coach instead of a cop, so that you can empower your team members to take independent actions that help your organization become a "most admired company" where people have fun and get more done.

Why Book Dr. Wolf Rinke?

  • Dr. Rinke custom designs and delivers stimulating and informative keynote presentations, interactive problem solving funshops and highly effective consulting and educational services.

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    Dr. Wolf Rinke custom designs and delivers stimulating and informative keynote presentations, interactive problem solving funshops and highly effective consulting and educational services.

    He specializes in building high performance organizations; facilitating trust building initiatives; providing one-on-one executive coaching; building high-performance teams; and implementing Exceptional Quality Service (EQS) systems. All services are designed to unleash the only resource that has the potential to appreciate—people, and are guaranteed to exceed identified needs, solve specific problems and achieve dramatic improvements in performance, productivity and profitability.

    Dr. Rinke is . . .

  • a certified speaking professional (CSP*) who is internationally known for his ability to energize, entertain and empower. (*CSP—a credential earned by fewer than 400 speakers worldwide)

  • a highly effective management consultant with over 30 years of hands-on management and leadership experience

  • a widely published author of audio and video programs, over 250 publications and 12 books including MAKE It a Winning Life: Success Strategies for Life, Love, and Business and Winning Management: 6 Fail-Safe Strategies for Building High-PerformanceOrganizations

  • an adjunct associate professor of management at The University of Maryland

  • a media personality who has been featured on CNN and over 300 other TV and radio shows

  • a highly decorated, retired lieutenant colonel of the US Army Medical Specialist Corps

  • a self-made millionaire who started to work full-time on a ship at age 14
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