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Everyday, government agencies are faced with challenges, whether it's the latest technology, or learning to handle stress and management. Whatever your challenge is, we have keynote speakers with the solutions. They range from CEOs and entrepreneurs, former government employees, to the world's most-renowned experts in their field. A professional speaker is an investment, and the right message, strategy and educational content will provide the value and ROI that your group needs.  Who are the highest-rated speakers for YOUR group? Ask us here, or call 1-800-345-5607.


Top Keynote Speakers for Government Clients

  • Dan Burrus

    Daniel Burrus

    Futurist, Technology and Trends Forecaster
  • Matthew Schrier, keynote speaker

    Matthew Schrier

    Freelance Photographer, Al Qaeda Syrian Prison Suvivor
  • Frank Luntz

    Frank Luntz

    Political Pollster and Consultant
  • Krish Dhanam

    Krish Dhanam

    American Dream Success 
  • Bill Butterworth

    Bill Butterworth

    Expert on Life and Work Issues
  • Mike Howard

    Mike Howard

    Peak Performance Trainer
  • George Hedley

    George Hedley

    On Purpose and On Targert, Effective Leadership
  • Dr. Lalia Rach

    Dr. Lalia Rach

    Trend Forecaster, Innovator, Visionary
  • Scott Deming

    Scott Deming

    Customer Experience
  • The Dolans

    The Dolans

    America's First Family of Finance
  • Kevin Freiberg

    Kevin Freiberg, PhD

    Leadership Expert
  • John C. Havens

    John C. Havens

    Mashable Expert Contributor, How Emerging Media Affects Happiness and the Bottom Line
"As a government agency, we especially appreciated your understanding of our requirements and the flexibility you showed in working out the contract details with us"  --HeadQuarters, Defense Commissary

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