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Understanding Healthcare and Insurance Groups

Everyday heathcare and insurance groups are faced with challenges, whether it's deciphering the latest policy and practice, or incorporating the latest technology to be efficient. We have keynote speakers who have the solutions. They range from healthcare policy forecasting experts to the world's most renowned thinkers in their field. Bringing in a professional speaker is an investment, and the right message, strategy and educational content will provide the value and ROI that your group needs. 

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Top Keynote Speakers for Healthcare and Insurance Groups

  • Uwe Reinhardt, PhD

    Uwe Reinhardt, PhD

    Indisputed Healthcare Expert
  • Ian Morrison, PhD

    Ian Morrison

    Future of Healthcare, Changing Business Environment
  • Dr. Steven Eastaugh

    Dr. Steven Eastaugh

    Healthcare Speaker
  • Amy Silverstein

    Amy Silverstein

    Heart Transplant Survivor
  • Brad Nieder

    Dr. Brad Nieder

    The Healthy Humorist, "Your RX for Happy, Healthy Living"
  • Dr. David Nash

    Dr. David Nash

    Health Policy Expert
  • Giuliana Rancic

    Guiliana Rancic

    TV Personality, Entertainment Journalist, Breast Cancer Survivor
  • Allison Massari

    Allison Massari

    Transforming Lives: The Art of Patient-Centered Care
  • Jeff Bauer, PhD.

    Jeff Bauer, PhD

    Leading Health Futurist, Medical Economist
  • Stephanie Decker

    Stephanie Decker

    Tornado Hero Mom,
    Double Amputee
    (Overcame Adversity)
  • Dr. Alexis Abramson

    Dr. Alexis Abramson, PhD.

    Expert on the Babyboomers, Caregivers, and Mature Adults
  • John C. Havens

    John C. Havens

    Mashable and The Guardian Contributor, How Emerging Media Affects Happiness and the Bottom Line

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