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Understanding Your Nonprofit Group
Nonprofits cover a lot of ground -- serving communities with social, health, and human services, to environmental, educationl, arts, religious, and various foundations. You are working to shape the world into a better place. However, you are constantly faced with challenges to educate your community, all the while, continuing to keep your organization strong and stable. Whether you're trying to fundraise, or understand how technology can make marketing more efficient, we have the world's most-renowned experts, CEOs, enterepreneurs, best-selling authors, and inspirational story tellers. Who are the highest-rated speakers for YOUR group? Ask us here, or call 1-800-345-5607.

Top Keynote Speakers for Non-Profit Groups

  • Sally Hogshead

    Sally Hogshead

    Fascinate: How to Persuade and Influence
  • Stephen Moore

    Stephen Moore

    Economics Commentator
  • Juliet Funt

    Juliet Funt

    Communications and Stress Management Expert
  • Amelia Rose Earhart, keynote speaker

    Amelia Rose Earhart

    President of Fly With Amelia Foundation, Around-the-World Pilot
  • Steve Ford

    Steve Ford

    Son of Former U.S. President Gerald Ford, Actor
  • Mallory Brown, Founder of Clothes World Line, Social Entrepreneur

    Mallory Brown

    Social Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, World Adventure Traveler
  • Bertice Berry

    Bertice Berry

    Sociology, Best-Selling Author, and Educator
  • Erica Dhawan

    Erica Dhawan

    Connectional Intelligence Expert
  • Daymond John

    Daymond John

    Shark Tank Investor, Founder and CEO of FUBU
  • Neal Petersen

    Neal Petersen

    Inspirational Solo Yachtsman
  • Krish Dhanam

    Krish Dhanam

    American Dream Success
  • Monica Mehta

    Monica Mehta

    Investor, Business and Finance Expert
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