Need Keynote Speakers For Hire or In-Demand Experts for Virtual Meetings?

Web Streaming with Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau

We know there's nothing like watching your speaker in-person. Now, watching speakers on your digital device is just like being there.

Streaming a presention is a great way for colleagues and audiences near and far to have a front row seat. Finding the technology is the easy part, but getting the business expert to forcast, inform and provide content, or the motivational speaker to inspire your organization, that's where you need a trusted speakers bureau. Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau is here to research or help you select the top presenters or a virtual host/emcee. If you need creative-program ideas, our team of program experts are here for you.

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Need Virtual Event Ideas to Stream Keynote Speakers on the Web?

  • Stream your in-person general session keynote speaker. Broadcast your conference guest speaker to the desktops of your members around the country and globe.
  • Pre/post event sessions. Get your attendees excited about your upcoming conference, or sustain the message after the conference.
  • Use a professional speaker to deliver expert content for your virtual meetings, video conferences, or online meetings.
  • Alternative to international travel. Whether your corporate meeting or professional speaker is overseas, this is a great alternative to devivering the message, which can save on travel costs.
  • Hire a celebrity speaker or an athlete to make a special message for your organization. Who better to motivate, inspire, persuade, or promote than celebrities and athletes.
  • Forum Discussions. Use a panel of experts to weigh in for an in-person event, or a virtual event.
  • Training Seminars. Hire a sales expert, social media expert, or teambuilding expert to improve performance and educate.
  • Continuing Education. Hire certified speaking professionals (CSP) to fulfill your education requirements.
  • Use a professional speaker as a virtual host during your face-to-face events to help engage your online audience.

Want to Stream a Guest Speaker for a Virtual Event? 5 Things to Consider ...

  1. If a keynote speaker is presenting exclusively for an online audience, their fees may differ from a face-to-face engagement. In some cases, it's less, and in some cases, it's the same.
  2. If you would like to stream a face-to-face keynote speech/general session speaker, breakout session/workshop or seminar during your conference, keep in mind that the guest presenter would then be speaking to a much wider audience and may have a separate fee to broadcast to an online audience. Because the speaker's material is exclusively theirs, it is extemely important to obtain permission prior to streaming their message.
  3. Many associations and corporations are incorporating a hybrid event. This means planning your existing face-to-face meeting or conference as you normally would, and then, as an added bonus, broadcasting it to an online audience. This puts your online audience virtually there, tweeting in their questions with #hashtag comments, posting on Facebook, etc. Using a professional speaker with hosting/emcee experience can bring your face-to-face and online audience together and elevate the level of engagement during your event.
  4. In some instances, bundling a face-to-face presentation with a pre/post online event for your organization may be a great creative option.
  5. In most cases, organizations already have the technology in place to stream a professional presenter to your audience. If you need additional help finding technology companies to provide web-streaming solutions, we have worked with companies that we are happy to recommend.
  6. Whether a face-to-face presentation or virtual meeting, selecting the right thought leader, expert, celebrity and program is extremely important. For recommendations and guidance, click here or call us at 1.800.345.5607.