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October 9, 2018
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Alex Sheen is a keynote Speaker and advocate for humanitarian efforts. He is also the founder of “Because I said I would” – an international social movement named after the title of his father’s eulogy.

Sheen’s father died of small cell lung cancer on September 4, 2012. His father was a man of his word, so Sheen titled his father’s eulogy “because I said I would.” Inspiring millions around the world to keep their promises, the movement began with handwritten promise cards, sent to show commitment and honor.


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‘Because I said I would” has distributed over 3.15 million promise cards to over 153 countries around the world, by request. Additionally, Alex has volunteered at different nonprofits for 52 weeks in a row. Sheen now works to better humanity through the importance of a promise in what little ways he can. He has volunteered at different nonprofits for 52 weeks in a row. Additionally, his charitable donations & social media campaigns have brought awareness and been featured on various national media outlets. Since he started, this dedication has only continued to develop and motivate the thousands of audience members he meets along the way.

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Posted by uberuser

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