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The World's Only Legal Pickpocket

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Bob Arno
Funniest Pickpocket On The Planet

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A unique comedy hour after which attendees will talk about Bob Arno for days. We simply have no competitors! Sure, there are more famous comedians and impressive magicians, but our show incorporates true crime with sharp observation humor. Bob has over 30 years experience working closely with law enforcement, and decades as a major Las Vegas performer. We promise a show that leaves the audience exhausted from laughter, and wary of what could happen to their credit cards. A unique emotional experience, this option is easy to sell since our videos tell the story better than any text.

Bob Arno is an international criminologist, law enforcement lecturer, and white-hat pickpocket who is active in NATO counter-intelligent units and teaching SEAL units unusual skills. A frequent guest on international news shows, he has made documentaries for National Geographic, the Travel Channel, RTL, ITV, Discovery, BBC and many others.

We have trained NATO Military “intelligence units” in various countries on this particular theme, and although there is no parallel between military intelligence and corporate growth or behavior, there is a direct correlation with the analysis of “risk factors,” understanding your competitors, and dealing, on a daily basis with hedge funds intricacies. Everything in our presentations is augmented with videos — real “in the field” recordings of “the bad guys.” Risk management is a growing necessity and a common conference topic.

To most security professionals, credit card thieves are invisible, mysterious, nefarious beings—rarely seen and never comprehended. Bob Arno, an international criminologist and white-hat pickpocket, has hunted pickpockets and identity thieves in the wild since 1994. From infiltrating these criminal gangs around the world, Bob Arno can reveal the hearts, souls, and faces of the men, women, and children who make their living by taking the money and property of others. Bob’s backdoor perspective will give you the thief’s-eye version of thievery, connery, scamdom, and swindlehood; and more important, how to avoid becoming an unwilling participant. As an expert in criminal body language, micro-expressions, telltale behavior, props, and methodology, Bob’s own legendary skills in thievery make him a danger to anyone in the vicinity.

Bob Arno shares inside information to help you deal with the threat of modern-day rogues. Advice, demonstrations, video, and facts you need to help ensure you never become a victim.

Bob Arno is a White-Hat Pickpocket and Crime Prevention specialist, working globally in counter intelligence.

Bob Arno will deliver and expose the following subject matters within his presentation:

  • tracking credit card thieves, operating globally — their networks, the latest skimming techniques, and new Internet “spear phishing” targeting,
  • projection of real crime videos, recorded with “button cameras” of inter-action with actual criminals. Bob has gone deep undercover, inside some of these networks. Highly edited, into very brief sound bites, show instantly authenticity, and grainy “reality” atmosphere
  • working within global counter intelligence units — teaching “seals units” unusual skills (think: surveillance avoidance by foreign intelligence units),
  • latest trends in mobile phone thefts, and “hacking,”
  • a brief summarization on the term “risk factor” in the real world. How do we better understand and evaluate trust versus not trust — the immediate relationship to social engineering, and competitive intelligence operations.

Topics and Expertise

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“Bob was awesome. He had the audience in the palms of his hands.”

— Mutual of Omaha

“Bob is a MUST for your event. Attendees at our engineering and construction event were talking about his performance for days. Captivating, funny, an amazing, talented performer.”

— North American Society for Trenchless Technology

“The audience LOVED Bob Arno … A huge hit with everyone! Attendees at our event were talking about his performance for days. Captivating, funny, an amazing, talented performer. Bob is a MUST for your event. In addition, Bob & Bambi were such a pleasure to meet and work with.”

— Benjamin Media

“Bob Arno was exactly what my members needed to end our conference on a high. Smart, witty, intriguing and hilarious, I have never seen such a reaction from my folks. He was a pure delight to work with both on and off the stage and was the buzz of the conference…definitely!”

— GAMA International

“Re-booking Bob Arno was a great choice. And the success of his presentation proved it, …. he was the best entertainer and comedian that they had seen in the 24 years of our conference. I really, truly haven’t heard as much positive feedback about one of our entertainers as I have after Bob’s performance.”


“Bob Arno was a huge hit at our conference. He combined entertainment with solid content that connected the world of security and internet protection to our segment of the finance industry. We were impressed and delighted that Bob had our usually serious folks on their feet and laughing, and that he also gave them useful information.”

— National Advisors Trust
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