Boris Brott

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Orchestra Conductor, Motivational Speaker, Cultural Ambassador

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Boris Brott
Boris Brott

2 Programs By This Presenter

Boris Brott’s presentations are customized:

  • Each presentation draws comparisons between business organizations and symphony orchestras — both have common goals.
  • Both orchestras and business organizations strive to achieve the same goals, and both aim for perfection.
  • Both seek innovation and creativity.
  • Boris draws a juxtaposition of teamwork and leadership; the need for creativity within an organization; the joy of communication and the achievement of success. All are explored through the medium of music. During his presentation, these analogies are enhanced with graphics, hi-res video and audio tracks. The audience hears of Beethoven’s struggles, his quest for perfection … hears brief passages from some of Beethoven’s best known works.

    Then, to conclude his presentation, it’s time to play together…

  • Boris instructs the audience to reach under their chairs where they will find a tone bar — a xylophone-like musical instrument with a mallet.
  • The audience has been divided into five sections, each section a note.
  • After “rehearsing” and enjoying the levity and excitement, the audience is prepared to play Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” under Boris’s direction.
  • He turns to the video screen, gives a signal, and a full symphony orchestra begins to play the well-known composition.
  • At the appropriate point, he turns to the audience and “conducts” them in this informative, educational, and fun-filled presentation.

    Audiences are thrilled to be playing a significant part in an historic piece of musical history, and to make music under the direction of a symphony conductor. Audiences and corporate executives find it a memorable and unique presentation.

  • A live orchestra joins Boris on stage. Musicians and their instruments are introduced until an 11-piece orchestra is formed.
  • The meeting’s host joins Boris in conducting the audience and/or explaining the similarities between their organization and a symphony orchestra.
  • The presentation’s length is suited to the client’s program requirements.
  • Boris can act as host throughout the meeting.
  • Reviews

    “Boris’ presentation will fit any industry and the attendees will see the correlation between the symphony and their day-to-day operations.”

    — Ontario Road Builders Association

    “Boris was GREAT. He provided the perfect balance for the meeting. Also on-site he was easy to work with and a pleasure. Thanks again for the great recommendation.”

    — Prudential Real Estate

    “Your combination of intellect, energy, and musical expertise yielded a powerful example of teamwork in action for our leaders.”

    — HUMANA

    “I thought you were great, and our folks enjoyed your presentation. Your session was outstanding.”

    — Hospira, Inc.

    ”The analogy you shared of an orchestra playing together to create beautiful music aligned perfectly with United Way’s work to achieve the vision of a poverty-free community.”

    — United Way

    “You imparted useful information that our associates are able to digest and apply to their work at Capital One. More importantly, you left my team feeling energized and renewed.”

    — Capital One

    “You really made the event come alive by allowing our sales teams to participate in making beautiful music together. This is an experience our teams will not soon forget.”

    — Microsoft Corporation

    “Your interesting comparison of Marriott to a symphony orchestra was refreshing, and certainly started off our meeting on an upbeat note.”

    — Marriott Lodging

    “I want to personally thank you …You took the message of the meeting and intertwined it perfectly into your closing presentation. The feedback we are now receiving also confirms how my leaders felt about your performance.”

    — Alcoa
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