Connie Merritt, RN, PHN

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Bringing hope to post-COVID healthcare teams like only an RN with horse sense can — giving new perspectives & tools for recovering from the events of these fraught times

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Format: 50-75 minute keynote

This program is perfect for:

Your healthcare audiences experiencing frustration, disconnection, burnout, and the need to get their spark back in today’s post-COVID work environment.

In my audiences, you’ll find those at the heart of making this industry work:

  • Nurses from every department and level including Advanced Practice, Nurse Practitioners, and Surgicenters
  • Administrators, Executives, HR, and Continuing Education
  • Telehealth, Health Information, and Outpatient Teams
  • Other Specially Trained Staff Members

Addressing the urgency of now

Dealing with burnout in post-COVID healthcare audiences  is going to take more than happy talk.

It’s going to take real horse sense.
Since 2008, I’ve studied under one of the world-renowned natural horsemanship trainers.

In my talk, I weave together the wisdom and survival strategies of horses with my nursing and leadership experience. This novel  approach connects deeply with healthcare audiences.

It gives them powerful new perspectives and tools for recovering from the events of these fraught times.

As a nurse, or any other professional on a healthcare team, it’s easy to feel like a prey animal in a post-COVID world.

Vulnerable, powerless, unprotected.

My signature talk offers a refreshing and relevant mindset shift to tap into the power of a prey species that’s 56 million years old. Horses.

Whether or not you’ve ever ridden a horse, fallen in love with one, or just admired them from afar, horses have critical lessons to teach us at work and in life.

I speak to people in healthcare who crave the joy they once had in their work and life. Through “Horse Wisdoms”, I give the audience a fresh perspective so they can…

  • Be more present (and pleasant) for their patients, their co-workers, and themselves
  • Build greater trust with their care team and ancillary staff
  • Create a kinder, more compassionate work environment
  • Have hope and stay in a career they felt a calling to pursue (and worked hard to achieve!)

Let’s chat about moving your audience beyond burnout — and rekindling their passion for caring

Managing Daily Demands, Drama & Deadlines – even in the Midst of Change

Smart Moves for Managing Who’s Pushing Your Buttons & Challenging Dilemmas

Understand the Trends & Master the Changes Rocking Your World
in Our Diverse, Multi-Generational, Hi-Tech, Mobile Workplace Environment

How to Maintain Focus, Calmness & Professionalism and Reduce Stress in Any Situation


“…your presentation was excellent!…we look forward to having you again. “

— Kaiser Permanente

“My deep appreciation and thanks for your time, expertise, and energy in the Opening Keynote at the NAON Congress. You ignited a wonderful, long-lasting spark in our attendees. Your authentic approach in your presentation was fun, funny and engaging—Awesome!”

— NAON National Association of Orthopedic Nurses

“Thank you for being our keynote speakers and kicking off the PENS 2022 Conference. Such a thought-provoking take! So many nurses could relate!”

— Pediatric Endocrinology Nursing Society
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