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Promoting Ethics and Values for Long Term Success

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Frank Bucaro – Motivational Speaker
Frank Bucaro – Motivational Speaker

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Trust issues, leadership missteps, and ethics issues can threaten any organization, impact market value and cause irreversible damage. This program focuses on the critical role of ethical behavior for those in leadership positions and will assist leaders, and their organizations navigate the high road to success.

Program highlights:

  • The difference between positive and negative ethics and the workplace impact of each
  • Moral awareness—a critical dynamic for building company trust
  • Leadership virtues that are necessary to keep the company culture values-based and principle driven
  • Two factors to consider in making business decisions, and why
  • Techniques that are different but compatible when it comes to learning approaches to compliance and ethics
  • Does it seem that media reports of companies or individuals being fined, or accusations of unethical or even illegal behavior seem to be just about a daily occurrence? We may also find ourselves asking “how” or “why” ethics problems are still an issue with so many organizations touting their ethical culture.

    Most folks would agree that ethical business practices are desirable and good for business. So what is the problem? This program will explore five challenges that can threaten the good name and reputation of any organization and will offer tools to help keep the focus on solid values while continuing to travel the high road to success.

    Program highlights:

  • The need to understand the difference between compliance and ethics and the impact on the workplace.
  • Moral awareness: what it is and how crucial to creating an environment of trust.
  • “Shades of gray” ethical thinking: Insights into the need for applied ethics for business clarity.
  • The death of bland training: True education only happens when learning links up to people’s behavior. Everything else is bland and of little use.
  • The leadership quagmire: What are the ethics issues that stymie leaders and how to resolve them
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    “Frank is like a 120 Watt bulb. He’s full of energy and brightens every room he enters. Most importantly, he sheds light on those dark corners in business and shows the way to doing good business by simply doing good. Frank’s talk made our event a great success!”

    — ENMAX Corporation

    “Your presentation on ethical leadership was outstanding and highly relevant. The standing ovation you received says it all. Thanks for being such a memorable asset to our meeting.”

    — American College of Dentists

    “Thank you so much for being our closing speaker. You were terrific as usual! You’re always good and as always,(along with my own page of notes from your talk) I heard many wonderful things about your presentation as we were wrapping things up. Thank you for helping us focus on what is important and for providing the tools to spread the message.”

    — Illinois Movers and Warehousemen’s Association

    “Your presentation to our Board of Directors and staff was absolutely outstanding! Your personal perspective and unique sense of humor provided each of us with an incomparable learning experience. By far the best presenter we’ve ever had!”

    — American Payroll Association

    “Frank’s practical approach to framing the opportunities for dialogue leads to a meaningful exchange of ideas and the awareness of the challenges to not just deal with ethical concerns as they may arise…but more importantly in the “gold time management period” before the issue even has a chance to arise, thereby setting a newer bar for performance.”

    — St. Joseph Health System
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