How To Predict Future Business Trends

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Due to the vast amount of technology and business trends that are populating everyday, it can be challenging to keep up. Fortunately, this episode of Tuesday Tips is focused on how to predict future business trends with Futurist and Founder of the Influential Marketing Group – Rohit Bhargava.

technology-speaker-rohit-bhargavaOver the past 18 years, Rohit Bhargava has advised hundreds of global brands as a former executive at two highly respected marketing agencies (Ogilvy and Leo Burnett). He has a reputation for predicting and executing innovative ideas before they become mainstream. At Leo Burnett, he helped start the agency’s first digital team in Australia. At Ogilvy, he was a founding member of one of the first Agency groups dedicated to social media strategy. His team advises brands such as IBM, Marriott, American Express, and Intel.

In this episode, Bhargava dives into his logic and reasoning behind discovering trends. He believes that a trend is a “curated observation about the accelerating present.” Furthermore, he expresses the importance of looking outside of the norm and engaging your own curiosity.

As a keynote speaker, he has multiple speaking programs that include some of his most coveted research that applies to any industry. He reveals his techniques for predicting the future along with highly actionable ideas.

Watch the video below to find out more!

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Posted by uberuser

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