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A Celebrity Appearance Can Elevate Your Event

Celebrities are a way to make a successful and unforgettable experience. They can often create the WOW moment of your event. The name recognition alone, of a celebrity, can drive ticket sales and create buzz. Bringing in headline comedians, musical acts and other types of talent is a perfect way for companies to impress and entertain attendees. They can also be used as a treat for employees for company celebrations, such as holiday shows or for monumental anniversaries.

Learn more about booking celebrities in this video.

Types Of Celebrities Booked

  • Film/Television/Online stars
  • Pop or country music stars and bands
  • Headlining Comedians

How To Find Celebrities For Your Event

Making contact with uber-famous people can be downright impossible because they have many gatekeepers in place, but that’s where Eagles Talent comes in. We have years of our team booking celebrities and a super offline database with endless contacts to assist you with booking ANY big name. 

Why Consult With A Speakers Bureau?

In addition to contacts, it’s important to know which celebrity is the right fit and who will deliver value.  Some stars can hold the attention of attendees, alone on stage,  for an hour session, while others are better suited for a Q&A keynote, being led by a moderator. A celebrity appearance is much different than booking a typical professional speaker, as there are nuances you should be aware of (like riders, terms and conditions, possible additional costs). Because there are too many celebrities to list on our website, we always recommend consulting with someone on our team. It will be important for us to understand the kind of experience you want to create and the budget you’re working with for your event. After all, talent can come in a variety of types and fees. Our goals is to help you create an amazing experience for your attendees.

What’s Needed On Your End To Book A Celebrity Appearance

Know your budget and be realistic. Celebrities are a higher fee than a typical professional speaker. The more you know the celebrity name, most likely, the higher the fee will be. A good starting place is $30,000 (and the fee goes up from there).

Know exactly what you envision. Is this a keynote or a Q&A? Do you want to request pictures or for them to attend an additional function. The more you can identify what you want of the talent (up front), the less surprises there will be.

Be clear on your “why”. Understanding why you want a celebrity to attend, the better we can help identify a fit. Do you need to entertain? Or is this for a fundraiser?

Your Attendees Matter. The worst thing is to put a celebrity in the wrong setting. For example, if your attendees are a conservative group — you might want to think twice before bringing someone who doesn’t fit that mold.

Get Your Team on the Same Page. Make sure that all of the decision makers are on board and going the same direction. Whether that’s the budget or the final decision. Checking availability for celebrity talent can be tricky. Often a firm offer is the only thing that truly checks their calendar. Also, once you sign the agreement with celebrities, backing out can still hold you to paying the fee.

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