Honoring a Purpose Larger Than Self by John Foley: Former Blue Angels Lead Solo Pilot

Posted by Alexis Washington

My time serving and flying with The Blue Angels planted a unique gratitude deep within my being. And ultimately, that feeling inspired a new and rewarding journey: empowering others to live a life beyond what they dreamed possible. I’ve spent the past decade sharing that message with companies around the world, translating Blue Angel methodology into results for teams and individuals alike.

At the core of it all, I’ve found that elevating our performance and moving beyond our dreams is largely a matter of mindset. With The Blue Angels, that mindset was compacted by our overarching mission to be ambassadors of goodwill. It created a powerful bond that allowed every pilot to focus his skills, and his abilities in order to transform inherently unforgiving flight into a daily, thrilling routine.

During this month of military awareness, it’s important to recognize the great gift our service men and women give this country by taking on a purpose larger than themselves. A great way to honor those gifts is to reflect on our own purpose. So ask yourself, what drives your dreams as an individual? What is your company, or your team doing in service of the world at large? When and where can OUR success equal the success of others?

Answering those questions can elevate our performance to new levels, just like it does for The Blue Angels. And when our actions create positive results in the world around us, our definition of accomplishment is changed forever.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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